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Based on the sum total of the tests and interviews, you and the others decided that the child had been abused. 3. Beyond the scope: A question asked during cross-examination has to be within the scope of direct examination. The Six Principles of are. The dialogic questioning of witnesses, by lawyers from both sides, is the basic activity which dominates the trial and is the mechanism by which the elicitation of … This Article outlines ten tips for both direct and cross-examination, which certainly is not an exhaustive list. Cross-Examination: 1) You followed a protocol in this case. Cross-examination is governed by different rules than direct examination in two ways: (1) cross-examination questions can only cover topics or facts covered on direct examination, and (2) leading questions are allowed. Purchasing is primarily a clerical activity. Asking questions which allow the jury to see that the witness is not as credible as 5. by John Stratton SC Deputy Senior Public Defender 1 August 2007 Cross-examination is the art of asking simple questions in the right order. Cross-Examination of Medical Doctors: Recurrent Themes Leading questions are those which suggest an answer in and of themselves, or which put words into the witness’ mouth. Myers ... worthwhile to utilize a portion of the direct examination to ask questions designed to demonstrate the child's competence. Similarly, in a re-examination, the questions asked must be within the scope of cross examination. When you ask an open-ended question, or a question where you do not know what the answer will be, the witness may hit that question … You are a licensed lawyer? We represent plaintiffs in Medical Malpractice and Injury cases in the New York Metro Area, including New York and Brooklyn. 114 Examination Questions Long-answer questions Answer the following questions in approximately 50 words. Cross-ex, short for cross-examination, is a period of time between speeches where opponents ask each other questions to clarify and better understand each other's case (and, if all goes well, an important concession for you to win the debate). The use of leading questions is discussed below. Who What When Where How Why Questions that begin with any of the above are open ended and You do not have any experience as a psychologist? Cross-Examination. The entire cross is a performance for the jury, and you want to control. Control the witness. Answer: False 2. What is the risk of suffering from Salmonella food poisoning as a … A good cross-examination is “in control.” “Of what?” you ask. The Art Of Cross Examination In 1961 J.W. i. Examination, Cross-Examination, and Impeachment John E.B. The concept of cross-examination is that the lawyer is supposed to control the witness and force the witness to answer questions harmful to an adversary’s case. A. (1) Limit the boundaries of the possible answer. Cross Examination: The Rules of the Game Page 5 JACQUELINE M. VALDESPINO, ESQUIRE VALDESPINO & ASSOCIATES, PA him go where you want him to go.6 While on direct you tell a story, on cross you never start a questions with 6 Younger, Irving, The Art of Cross-Examination. party. Attorneys learn the difference between proper aggressive cross­examination and improper argumentative questions. Cross-examination of a neonatologist expert on his factual mistakes: Malone, Patrick: Cross-examination of a fetal maternal medicine expert, James Christmas, MD: Mulvey, Elizabeth: A Frequent Expert’s Percentage of Income from Testifying: Nel, Gerrie: An all-out assault: the Oscar Pistorius cross-examination: Russell, Anthony THE ART OF CROSS-EXAMINATION WITH THE CROSS-EXAMINATIONS OF IMPORTANT WITNESSES IN SOME CELEBRATED CASES BY FRANCIS WELLMAN OF THE NEW YORK BAR Presented by The Law Offices of Eric Michael Papp, Corona, California - 6. This protocol is … Such objection may be raised by the counsel of the person getting cross examined/reexamined, if the witness has been made to answer questions outside the scope of present … Make your strongest points at the beginning and end of your cross-examination as these are the points likely to remain in the mind of the listener. B. Cross-Examination – Scope and Limitations. PREPARATION FOR CROSS-EXAMINING THE SNITCH Michael G. Howell Assistant Capital Defender 123 West Main Street, Suite 401 Durham, NC 27701 Checklist for Preparation of Snitch Cross-Examination I. CROSS-EXAM TOPICS for REVIEW and INVESTIGATION (What to look for!) You do not have a degree in social work? (RIPHH) 2. The transcript of his address has resided in the top drawer of many barristers, to be thumbed through regularly, a constant reminder of how this master of cross-examination explained his art. For the criminal defence lawyer, there are few things more important than cross-examination. ), published in 1936.The pocket watch sits in a drawer, and the shingle on a shelf, but the book is always at my desk. Describe the two-sink method of washing plates. Abstract. cross­examination when the attorney asks the witness to agree to a particular interpretation or characterization of the evidence, as opposed to a particular fact. 7. Cross-examination in South African Law traces the history of cross-examination and focuses on the substantive law relating to cross-examination. Anticipate what the answer will be before you ask the question. Everything. 4. Free Consultation - 212-943-1090 - Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf aggressively represents victims in the most serious and significant personal injury and negligence cases. You have not had any training to serve as a GAL? James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., has trained thousands of expert witnesses through seminars, conferences, corporate training, training for professional societies, and training for governmental agencies including the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, and Department of Defense. In my experience, if a case is going to be won, it is usually during the prosecution case. To control the witness, control the questions and the subject matter. 1. performed by a variety of people. Professor Charles H. Rose III discusses how to structure crossexaminations to create persuasive impact. It’s essential to know the ins and outs of the case in order to ask just the right questions. for a narrative, leading questions on direct examination, and cumulative evidence. That protocol is made up of interviews, tests, etc. Smyth Q.C. and cross-examination. 3. You do not have a degree in psychology? 1974). Although I think e-discovery is a more powerful engine for discovering the truth, effectively utilizing cross examination questions comes in at a close second and is indispensable when e-discovery isn’t available. A. CROSS-EXAMINATION Cross-examination of witnesses called by the opposing party is an absolute right in both civil and criminal cases. The Written Test (Nurse Assistant Written Knowledge Examination) consists of sixty (60) multiple-choice questions with a two-hour time limit. Topics covered include the problems related to an unrepresented accused in respect of cross examination and the difficulties which flow from having evidence translated. In fact you do not have any social work experience? The use of leading questions is discussed below. Subsections (b) and (c) of Rule 611 specifically addresses two issues related to the presentation of evidence – the scope of cross-examination and the use of leading The purpose of cross-examination is to obtain favourable facts and minimise the impact of … Cross-examination Practice Script v03.08.2013-001 No matter how the witness answers ask the next two questions preceded by EXACTLY THESE WORDS: Let’s try an easier one then , what are the two different sets of legal elements required to be proven during the evidentiary phase of a criminal trial where the accused is charged with allegedly gave a lecture in the Bar Association Common Room on cross-examination. a. Even so, every detail necessary for effective examination of witnesses cannot be found in a single source.1 Such unfound details are practical skills and require years of learning, practice, and experience. Cross examination has been described as “greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth.” 5 J. Wigmore, Evidence § 1367, p. 32 (J. Chadbourn rev. Cross Examination of Psychological and Psychiatric Experts in Competency Cases David W. Thompson, Ph.D., ABPP Clinical Psychology Associates Burlington, Wisconsin Questions and their adjacency pair partner, answers, are of fundamental importance to the trial by jury process. CROSS-EXAMINATION 1 § 7.01 INTRODUCTION Hollywood dramas portray cross-examinations as exercises in pyrotechnics: the lawyer asks hostile and sarcastic questions, mixed with clever asides to the jury, and the witness gives evasive answers. Cross Examination of a Guardian Ad Litem1 1. TA LE OF ONTENTS THE OMPETEN Y EVALUATION PROGRAM (AN OVERVIEW) – TA LE OF ONTENTS Page 1 How can cross-contamination be prevented? To an outsider, a cross examination might seem like a series of random questions, but the process is actually incredibly well-planned and requires hours of preparatory work. Bias or Motive of Snitch 1. Asked and Answered 2. Cross-examination causes Captain Queeg to reveal his mental instability in The Caine Mutiny; it wrings Questions asked during the Cross-Examination must be relevant to the issue related in the facts of the case and indecent & scandalous questions can also be asked by the advocate at the time of Cross-Examination unless they relate to the fact in issue. When my grandfather, an attorney, died, he left me three precious possessions—the gold pocket watch he wore to court, the shingle that hung outside his office, and a well-worn volume by the legendary trial lawyer Francis L. Wellman, The Art of Cross-Examination (4th ed. Where the theory of the cross-examination is that the witness is intentionally attempting to mislead the jury, then exposing the reason for the witness’ deception, i.e., his bias, is a crucial goal of the cross examiner. EXAMINATION QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Chapter 1 The Progression to Professional Supply Management True/False Questions Note to students, select the answer that is true or false “most of the time”, few situations in social sciences are simply black or white. for a narrative, leading questions on direct examination, and cumulative evidence. leading questions are permitted on cross-examination of a party or adverse witness called by the opposing party.35 Unlike MRE 611(c), which permits cross-examination “on any matter relevant to any issue in the case,” cross-examination under FRE 611(b) generally is limited to the subject matter of the direct examination. §3:10 Prosecutor’s Direct Examination §3:11 Defense Cross-Examination B. B. Cross-Examination – Scope and Limitations Subsections (b) and (c) of Rule 611 specifically address two issues related to the presentation of evidence the scope of cross-examination and the use of leading – Client Free to Leave House Surrounded by Armed Police §3:12 Sample Fact Pattern §3:13 Strategy §3:14 Cross-Examination C. Suspect Voluntarily Accompanied Police to Station §3:15 Key Facts §3:16 Strategy §3:17 Angles of Attack §3:18 Cross-Examination

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