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Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey are transcontinental countries, partially located in both Europe and Asia. Here are the coldest countries in Europe, along with their respective cities.. That does not mean, however, that the affected areas have no economic or tourism worth. Other “-50 °C or lower” members are Norway, Sweden, and Finland. There is no natural habitation there because anyone who tried to live there would probably die of the cold. A more correct name for this country should be Whiteland, or Iceland because it is more white than green. Norway. Armenia and Cyprus politically are considered European countries, though geographically they are located in the West Asia territory. Several places in the southern part of the country become unbearable due to a fall in temperature and heavy snowfall. It sees extremely cold in the winter where the temperature drops to as low as -30-degree Celsius. However, for the top 10 coldest countries of the world, this is usually not the case. The northernmost part of Finland does not see the sunrise for 51 days during winter, and the temperatures in Lapland can fall to as low as -45°C (-49° F), making Finland one of the world’s coldest countries as well. Zud is a natural disaster that results in large proportions of the country’s livestock dying from starvation or freezing temperatures. It’s a very picturesque country with vast grasslands and scattered mountain ranges making the climate of the country very cold. Summer temperatures can range from 42 to 48 degrees Celsius, making it one of the hot places on earth. 1 Known as the last region on Earth to be discovered, Antarcticais not a single country but a de facto condominium. Technically it is not the country but the continent, but there is no classification of countries within it. Technically it is not the country but the continent, but there is no classification of countries within it. Wiki User Answered . READ ALSO: List of countries in North Africa wi… Top Answer. 20 of the coldest cities in the world. The first snow comes in late October or November. The temperature ranges from -7 °C to -3 °C during winters and in summers the temperature may rise to 16.5 °C. Winters. Last on this list is Mongolia. So, you can guess the cold situation here in the country. The temperature of these places ranges from -15 degree C and 3degree C. Temperature in a few places even reach -30 degree C So, people suffer a lot. A. In the northern part of the country (there are Eskimos there) you can record temperatures of between 15 degrees in the summer, and well below -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. If we talk about temperature, February is normally Sweden’s coldest month, with temperatures from – 22 to -3°C. A. Norway is known to have the longest winters. The temperature in Antarctica goes as low as 100 degrees below zero. Antarctica is also the most inhospitable place in the world due to lack of potable water, food or shelter. Canada is the neighbor of Greenland but it has plenty of greenery and lakes even if it is cold. Tag: Top 20 Coldest Countries In The World 2020, Your email address will not be published. But to be honest it is arbitrary. In coastal areas like Helsinki, temperatures go below −30 degrees Celsius. ... Top 10 Coldest Asian Countries. Finland is one of the countries at the very top of the globe and is also one of the least populated countries in Europe. If you are comparing notes in the Scandinavian region, this is quite a mild climate, and that probably explains why it is one of the most inhabited places in the region. Lowest temperature records Lowest temperature records in Europe. You can refer to the list. Name the coldest countries in Europe based on average annual temperature. However, the climates of the top 12 coldest countries in the world are so extreme, that blankets, fires, and coffee are nowhere enough to … Europe’s coldest temperatures by country Written by Mark Vogan on January 12, 2019 in Rest of Europe with 0 Comments As a colder weather pattern is looking more and more likely through the 2nd half of January, I thought it may be a good time to have a look at just how cold Europe has been in the past. The place gets as much as 22 hours of sunlight in the summer season but the temperature still remains around zero degrees Celsius. Latvia is a beautiful country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia in Europe. The coldest temperature ever recorded is -40 degrees making it one of the coldest countries in the world. Top 12 Coldest Countries in the World Amlyn It is true that we only miss the sun when it starts to snow and in a case of little snow we wish for more snow, think of all the people living in the coldest countries who would do anything for the slightest ray of the sunshine in their lives. We have that information, well packaged, waiting for you. The euro (€) is the official currency of 19 out of 28 EU countries. The whole Mongolia comes under the influence of the Siberian Anticyclone in winters and becomes really cold. This country is an European country which borders Sweden, Finland, Russia and Denmark. Top 20 hottest countries in the world. It should, therefore, be no surprise that the country varies so much in geography and climate. The most populous country of Europe is Russia, with more than 146.7 million inhabitants. Top 10 coldest countries In Europe? Required fields are marked *. Mongolia has several nomadic tribes, most of whom live in the mountains. Even in summers, you find temperatures below 0 degrees which is absolutely baffling. Even without the high altitudes, the entire region can be quite cold, much less when you have to face the chilly winds so high up in the mountains. Russian winters have also saved the country from invasions multiple times. In winters, the temperature remains below 0-degree Celsius for usually around 100 days and snow covers the land from November to April. 10. a year ago 19579 views by Ryan Mutuku. Yes, places like Texas and Missouri can be quite warm and hospitable, but the United States of America can be a cold country to live in. A few countries are always covered with snow and people hardly feel the heat of the sun. Kuwait is a country in the Middle East that borders the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The country is also famous for the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis better known as Northern Lights. Not all people like cold places but there are several countries where winter is the only season. If you are just looking for the answer to this question, Antarctica is considered to be the coldest country in the world. The country also faces occasional harsh climatic conditions known as Zud. The United States is rated as one of the coldest countries in the world although not all the regions in the country have a uniform temperature. The region is hardly fit for human habitation as it is the coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world. Most of the regions in the country are very cold throughout the year and summer temperatures can also fall below zero degrees. Best time to visit Mongolia: The best time to visit Mongolia is between the months of July and August. When you go to central Norway, the coldest winters are experienced in Finnmarksvidda but that is not the coldest place in Norway; the coldest recorded temperature in the country was at Karasjok situated in the far northeastern part. Greenland is one of the countries in the world with the longest coastlines. Average January temperatures reach -13.1˚C (8.4˚F). The top ten list of coldest major cities in Europe is a mix of places in Northern and Eastern Europe. Living in such cold regions for humans requires great changes in lifestyle, diet, clothing, and also physiological changes in the color of skin, the blood oxygen level, and even facial structure that evolved over centuries. In Northen Finland, the temperature falls down to −45-degree Celsius in winters and winter lasts for around 200 days with permanent snow-covered land. Quizzes . Estonia is another European country on the list. In winter, you get an average temperature in the Highlands of Iceland of about -10°C (14°F),  but when you travel north you get temperatures as low as -30° C (-22°F). If you like near-freezing temperatures and want to know about the coldest places in the world, then you have come to the right place. Normal temperatures in the summer can range from 12 to 25 degrees, and during the winter we often see around -3 degrees Celsius. Top 10 Most Coldest Countries In The World. The cold winds coming in from the North are stopped by the high peaks leading to a large amount of snowfall in the country and the temperature of the country during winter can easily fall to as low as minus twenty degrees. Instead, the wind currents experienced in this country are such that the monsoon wind brings in extremely cold temperatures making the country perennially frigid. Depending on the exact location where one lives, the day to day activities can be quite different. There can be chilly winds and temperatures that range from -15 to -40 degrees Celsius. In this article, you’ll discover the top 10 most beautiful & developed countries in Africa. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around -5°C, but in some cases, winter months can be quite colder with temperatures far below zero, about -20°C or lower and strong, cold northeasterly winds. Temperatures in Iceland can easily dip to minus 10 degrees or lower making this one of the coldest countries in the world. The lowest temperature recorded here is −67.8°C which is the lowest temperature reading of any place on earth outside Antarctica. Most of the landmass of Greenland is covered in ice throughout the year. Botswana. Winter temperatures often drop lower to -30°C in northern Sweden. The Central Highlands are the coldest part of Iceland. They have adapted their lifestyles to the extreme temperatures of the country and thrive in this highly frigid environment. High cool winds make it hard to stay here. As a matter of fact, Iceland does not experience as harsh winter as some other countries lying on the same latitude; the country enjoys the same grace of the North Atlantic Current which makes part of the region more temperate. 20 of the coldest cities in the world. Create Account. Answer. 27 28 29. The coldest country in Europe is Finland, a Scandinavian country located between Sweden and Russia. Luxembourg is a wealthy nation that gives the people that are residing in it what they all need to live a peaceful and comfortable life which is made up of a very clean and healthy economy. During winter, however, the temperature in some places in Greenland falls to -50° C (-58°F). The hottest temperature ever recorded: 53.7 °C (128.7 °F) Photo: Homo Cosmicos/Shutterstock. Closing on Top 20 Coldest Countries In The World 2020 Perhaps there is a correlation between cold climates and social infrastructure development. But what countries are coldest among these? Best time to visit Finland: The best time to visit Finland is between the months of May and September. Saved by CoolChannel4 They also have excellent healthcare, and other social services are shining examples of what a working country should look like. The Arctic polar climate is modified by one branch of this current which goes along the west coast of Spitsbergen. The Northern region of the country usually sees cold and receives heavy snowfall during winters. Antarctica is the coldest country in the world. Most of the coldest countries are so well developed in social structures, maybe because if the people do not look after each other there is a real risk of dying from the cold, or from snowstorms or avalanches. Top 20 Coldest Countries In The World. Level 45. The top ten list of coldest major cities in Europe is a mix of places in Northern and Eastern Europe. 10. I have made the list of these countries by considering the average cold time. Top 20 Coldest Countries In The World. Kazakhstan is a near neighbor of Russia and a former member of the Soviet Union. Best time to visit Kazakhstan: The best time to visit Kazakhstan is between the months of July and August. Official Language: Serbian An update on the world’s coldest countries and regions. So, we take it as the only country on the continent. It continues our journey south from Russia and Kazakhstan. Western Europe's chilliest city by day in winter is Luxembourg, where highs average 3.3 °C (38 °F). riverdale +5. Usually the temperature in Norway ranges from -10 degree C to 1 Degree C in most places. In this article, we have covered the list of coldest countries. But you can make a plan for other countries. The temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius in most of the northern cities. Top 20 Coldest Countries (territories) In The World. In these countries, cold is a very serious business and if not given due attention (like proper clothing – backed up … The weather in this country could be described as the typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters. There are two main ways to measure which is the coldest country in the world. It encompasses mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. To speak factually, most people would be long dead. December to February are the iciest months. Below are the coldest countries in the world. Norway is a very beautiful country, inhabited by civilized people, who enjoy a stable economy, and all the good things of life. Antarctica; For those with a little knowledge of Geography, it is not much of a surprise that Antarctica is on top of the list of the coldest countries in the world. Honestly, we’re into it. Top 12 Coldest Countries in the World. The extreme cold of this country is bearable because the air is most. The list is basically based on the average temperature of the year. The Canada Glacier in Antarctica is one of the most beautiful glaciers in the world as of today. The lowest temperature on record is -43.5°C (-46.3°F). Serbia. The winter season lasts from October to Ap… Antarctica is the coldest country. The British research statio… Name the coldest countries in Asia based on average annual temperature. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are the coldest countries in the world. However, unlike these two countries, the country is sparsely populated and has a population of only about 3 million people. People living in these countries only see winter and too much winter.

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