hedge trimmer blades move but don't cut

The density of woody stems varies from species to species. ... You don’t want to cut yourself on the blades. Either way, having more features opens up extra options to you, but you might find yourself with attachments that you really don’t … Capable of cutting through dense hedging and thick branches, this is a portable solution to maintain your garden and landscape in the easiest possible way. If your hedge trimmer blade is not cutting properly, check the gears, guard, and blades. Applying WD-40 to the blades to keep them newer for longer; To prevent getting your hedge trimmer jammed whilst you are using it, avoid twisting the machine if you become stuck in a bush. Cordless — A cordless electric hedge trimmer is easier to use and makes it possible to go further from the house as you work without issue. Best Match. Gas Hedge Trimmers. I them applied engine oil along the blade edges that rub together. The density of woody stems varies from species to species. Jammed blades on electric or gas trimmers usually result from tackling jobs too big for the machine. Start cutting near the bottom on the hedge and work your way up toward the top. Cause the blades skip off the gear. To replace the gear, … To avoid happening again oil blades regularly. Now dip the blades into the oil safely. Landrus2 LawnSite Fanatic . The factory setting was way too lean. Power hedge trimmers, which will also cut through the grass quickly and efficiently, provide another option. It has several advantages when it comes to tough jobs worth taking a closer look at. I use a corded hedge trimmer and think I'll stick with it. Step 1 Walk through the grassy area and remove any obstacles, such as rocks and logs. The question: my gardenline petrol hedge trimmer blades won't move? Gas. It worked separartely as there was no load. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft, and engages the gearbox to start rotating once a certain rotational speed is reached. Keep moving the file in downwards motion till you get your desired sharpness. I had not run the trimmer into a thick branch or any obstruction during previous uses of the trimmer. To accomplish this, the blades move back and forth in a reciprocating motion. Then, you will need to remove the felt seal and remove the lower gear. Be sure to check that the holes in the middle of the gears are in proper alignment with the blades. Another issue that you may encounter is bent teeth on your trimmer’s blades. If you working with a high quality gas hedge trimmer, remove the spark plug.. You are going to be sticking tools and fingers in between saw blades, and if that … The hedge trimmer can be separated from the pole and converts to a handheld hedge trimmer. Bent teeth can easily occur when the hedge trimmer is dropped on the ground or accidentally hits something hard, such as fencing, when it is on. Your hedge trimmer’s blades are designed to cut and trim brush. MT MT April 2011: There is more help available. I then re-tightened the bolts and all worked perfectly again. If this gear becomes worn or broken in any way it will not transfer power, and therefore the blades will not oscillate. I havent gone to town on it just yet but have done a few small things to try and get it to work. If the eccentric on the gear is worn, the blade will not move. Don´t use the hedge trimmer to cut thick branches (over 1cm diameter or half an inch), get a better suited tool for that. Location Big apple. Hedge trimmers are equipped with gears that rotate with one another, allowing the blades to move back and forth. I don't fancy dealing with the same kind of problem in a hedge trimmer. Inspect the blades to see if there's any branches stuck. As you use the trimmer, pieces of debris such as sticks and twigs can prevent blade movement and even cause the blades to break. no water comes out of the hot water taps, cold water works ? It has an ergonomic handle provided for easy control and less of a chance for mishaps that even comes with a safety guard. Sharpening the blades may solve this issue without having to replace any parts. Dual-action blade hedge trimmers are more popular and use two blades to cut the hedge at the same time. H. herler LawnSite Fanatic. Cleaned the carbs, and cleaned and sharpened blades. Electric Hedge Trimmers As you will be working hard to get the debris out, this is a possibility. If you are noticing a tendency for branches to get stuck between the teeth during trimming, so they block the tool without being cut, this suggests that the upper and lower blades of the hedge trimmer are no longer meeting rather than indicating a need for sharpening. Follow our repair guide to help you identify what part is causing this common symptom. Then remove the plastic cover from the bottom of the trimmer. Of course, this situation comes with a logic reason. Similarly, if the guard on your trimmer is broken or damage it must be replaced, so that it can continue to protect the blades from damage. The Worx WG255.1 is ergonomically designed to make it easier for you to move the hedge trimmer around. Allow the cutting action of the blades to do the work. Make sure the holes in the gear are in proper alignment with the blades. Go to next slide - Best selling. This is a general guide for your repair; for more detailed information on your model, refer to the owner’s manual. These small hedge trimmers may come in small packages, but they still need the same level of care that you give your other tools. Remove this one and clean and lubricate both blades. These do require more maintenance than other hedge trimmer types, as you are required to add fuel and oil to power the trimmer, and they are also usually the heaviest so be sure to opt for a light-weight trimmer if you only have a small hedge. To do so, first remove all the locking nuts securing the blades and remove the blade guard and tip guard with their washers. I don't want it all chopped up like a brushcutter blade or brush hog would do for making compost. At this point, carefully remove the lower blade, spacer plate, and the upper blade and upper gear. When I pull the trigger, it revs up and the blades move, then it bogs out in 10 seconds or less. To accomplish this, the blades move back and forth in a reciprocating motion. Black & Decker 18" hedge trimmer, TR1800, has worked fine until yesterday, when I plugged in the trimmer, heard the motor running, but the blades were stationary. Sharpening the blades may solve this issue without having to replace any parts. I am sorry you are having a problem with the hedge trimmer. Not only that, but the rear handle rotates, allowing for precise cutting at a variety of angles without forcing you to put your arms or hands in dangerous positions. To begin, position the inner gear so the holes are in line with the blade support. Careful when taking apart as lots of little parts. Copyright © 2020 Inc. Electric Hedge Trimmers. Amazing. Other users of provide the answers. Hedge trimmers are not only pieces of machine required by professional garden… Thank you for this ingenious fix.BillNov 2020. At least as important as any features that come with the hedge trimmer are the precautions users choose to take as they work. Dual-action blade hedge trimmers are more popular and use two blades to cut the hedge at the same time. £121.54 New. If you notice your gears are damaged or the teeth are worn or broken, you will need to replace them before this symptom is resolved.

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