how to grow thai basil in singapore

It’s easy to grow and easy to use. The plant is somewhat smaller than most sweet basil varieties, with smaller leaves. I have a holy basil “patch” 17 ft x 4ft. S$5.00-+ Stay up to date on new articles and advice. This Thai Basil is my first attempt at growing edible greens in my apartment. Commonly used in Thai cooking as well as Italian recipes. (It’s among the easier herbs to grow, too.) (And, speaking of dengue: be sure to empty water from any plant trays on a regular basis.). One Expat Living team member was told by a garden centre to water in the middle of the day here in Singapore, rather than earlier or later in the day as you would in most other countries. Sweet Thai Basil. To get a jump on the season, start basil seeds indoors, three to four weeks before planting time. No gardening skills needed: just place the plant capsules into the Smart Garden - the seed are already in the capsules. Adding compost at planting time provides garden Thai basil with the necessary nutrients for the entire growing season. Moving to Singapore and not sure where to start? For more helpful tips, head to our Living in Singapore section. Supremacy Member . Choose a self-watering pot to maintain optimal moisture and provide protection against frost. Fertilizing Frequency. Prefer Asian flavours? A delicious and versatile herb. Buy a sapling or two and keep trimming it at the tips, or when the flowers appear and you will have Thai basil all summer. Thai basil. A rack for a series of pots is a good idea – they’re available at every garden/outdoor store. A must for Curry and many Asian dishes. It’s used in plenty of Southeast Asian dishes, from curries to salads. A potful of healthy herbs or colourful veggies can look great in a room. Especially for summer. Basil grows beautifully in the ground, but is also a great plant for container gardening. How to grow: Where: Basil is a wonderful addition to a container garden. Beginners can try growing Thai basil and mint, or vegetables such as tomato, brinjal, lady’s finger and long bean. Seeds germinate slowly, a bit faster when heated from below, and basil enjoys hot weather and full sun. How to Grow Basil in an Apartment. (It was purchased from If you’re keen, do some research into growing from vegetable cuttings. So, choose your planting location carefully as it’ll be harder to move things around. The leaves tastes more aniseed than the common basil we get here in supermarkets and in Italian cooking. Siam Queen is more tender and intensely flavored than Sweet Basil. It thrives in full sun but will tolerate part shade. Water sparingly – basil hates to sit in wet compost. Photo credit: Pixel-Shot/ 4. We've got information on neighbourhoods, things to do and see, dining, entertainment, schools, travel, fashion, furniture, finance, health and beauty. It’s a one-stop shop for your next caprese salad. This particular type of basil is very rare outside of Thailand and I have never seen it at our local wet markets or supermarkets. You’ll likely spend a portion of each day starting at your plants to check on their growth! Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushier plants and to delay flowering. The seeds will germinate in about three to four days in a warm climate and it’ll take about 50 to 75 days before you can harvest the leaves. If you’re thinking of cutting down on your sodium intake, turn to herbs that aren’t just healthy but give your dishes amazing depth of flavour too. Thai basil should be grown in a well draining, rich, loam/sandy soil. Basil Thai Ocimum basilicum - Thai Grow fresh, tasty and pure greens all-year-round. Go for the likes of curry leaf or Thai basil. In Southeast Asia, Thai basil is used more frequently: as a key ingredient in Thai curries; an addition to Vietnamese dishes like pho or even the Chinese dish, San Bei Ji (three-cup chicken). Only water when it’s slightly on the dry side. Because of this bigger size, the containers will be heavier when filled with soil and water. Also referred to as ‘Sweet Thai,’ Thai basil plants grow to a height of between 12 to 18 inches (30-46 cm.) Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Image: drewwest75. 5 Min Read, C Quat thought it'd be fun to grow thai basil but wasn't exactly sure of the most convenient way. Commonly used in Thai cooking as well as Italian … Or make a second sowing outdoors in June in order to have … I grow for one reason: my honey bees. And more! ... Sweet Thai Basil. Growing Thai Basil from Cuttings. Grow the Thai Basil herb plant in a rich, well-drained soil in full sun, where the plant will reach 30 to 40 inches tall. Thai basil is widely used in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, including Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian cuisines. If you’re growing climbing plants such as tomatoes, you’ll need to add stakes to the soil. Basil is a great companion plant for tomatoes and has many of the same requirements. Herbs: As much as we love the look of one large garden bed festooned with every type of herb, individual pots for different herbs are the best approach. Thai basil has a lovely fresh, aromatic, liquorice-y taste that’s a lot stronger than its Italian counterpart. Basil can be used in fresh or dried form. They are added by the handful to Thai cusine and also dishes of Southeast Asia. Like other basils, Thai basil is a heat-loving plant and is especially susceptible to frost damage. A fragrant annual (a plant that has a life cycle of one year) with a bushy appearance, the most common types of basil are sweet basil and the licorice-flavoured Thai basil. Once you have some experience, have a go at growing tropical plants such as pandan, curry leaves, lemongrass, cherry tomatoes and Thai basil. There’s so many ways to season your food beyond salt and pepper. Simply add basil to mayonnaise for a basic aioli. To me, Thai basil lends a bit of mystery to a dish with warm licorice or anise flavor. Where to stay in Thailand, reviews & more, Best Brunch Places in Singapore: Champagne Sunday Brunches, The expat’s guide to where to live in Singapore, The Dream from the Other Side by Melissa Tan, Four Letter Work – A Solo Exhibition by I Am Not David Lee, Vincent Fournier: Past Forward Solo Exhibition. Once you have some experience, have a go at growing tropical plants such as pandan, curry leaves, lemongrass, cherry tomatoes and Thai basil. Thai basil can be repeatedly harvested by taking a few leaves at a time and should be harvested periodically to encourage regrowth. Thai basil is also traditionally used to relieve digestive problems like constipation and gas. In a larger garden, plant basil among your tomatoes. Not only does this mean the plant is too damp, but it’s also a dengue risk. We don’t use Thai basil as often in Singapore. There are plenty of how-to guides online for constructing your own veggie pots and planters. Popular among the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, growing Thai basil has a pleasing aroma similar to sweet basil and is generally used fresh in recipes. Growing Thai basil is the same as growing any other variety, but you end up with a bit spicier leaf that keeps its flavor well for use in stir fry. Basil comes in many types, but Thai basil and sweet basil are the two that most of us would be familiar with. Thai basil has a lovely fresh, aromatic, liquorice-y taste that’s a lot stronger than its Italian … ComCrop is Singapore’s urban farming pioneer, and we grow food on rooftops near where communities live by reinvigorating marginalized spaces and embracing marginalized workforces to grow and harvest the highest quality pesticide-free produce in Singapore. A stronger-flavored basil than sweet basil, Thai Basil also has a hint of licorice flavor. Basil (Ocimum spp.) Composting buckets for your kitchen are readily available and easy to use. Follow along with this handy How to Grow Basil from Seed Guide and grow some flavour. Vegetables: Every couple of weeks is a rough rule of thumb for feeding veggies. The aromatic Thai basil plants thrive under the sun which makes it a great plant to grow in Singapore. Grow indoors on a sunny windowsill, or outside in full sun protected from cold weather. At the end of the growing season, keep your basil. Set basil seedlings or nursery plants 10 to 12 inches apart. Seeds and plants should not be put into the ground until the soil is warm (65 to 70 degrees F) and the weather has settled. It’s very easy to drown a new plant this way! Freshly picked leaves can be added to salads, soups and sandwiches or dried for winter use. However, if you want to enjoy the beautiful flowers, allow some stems to grow, so they can form buds and blooms. Thanks in advance. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. ... Sweet Thai Basil. Basil. And make sure each pot has enough space of its own. Protect basil plants from wind and sun for the first several days. Basil plants are easy to grow in moist, well drained soil. Your Horoscopes for the Month of December! Once harvested Basil can be frozen for later use. is native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent. To get the highest yield of tender and flavorful leaves, pinch the tip of each branch, starting in early summer when the plants are 6" tall, to encourage bushiness. It will grow quite well in part-shade or diffused light, but it tends to stretch and become leggy. Basil can be planted in the vegetable garden next to the tomatoes and the peppers as a companion plant to repel aphids, mites and tomato hornworms. With some subtle tweaks to your method, we’re sure you’ll be on your way to tossing a few home-grown ingredients into your dinner recipe. For a foliar spray that you use on the leaves themselves, it’s a good idea to stick with natural materials – you’re going to be eating those leaves, after all! Sweet Thai Basil. Thai basil has a purple stem, and like other plants in the mint family, the stem is square. A cousin of the popular sweet basil, Thai basil has a somewhat stronger flavor with a hint of licorice and is popular in the cuisines of Southeast Asia. With a sharp knife cut off sprigs of about 4 inches, don't try to pinch or use scissors for your cuttings. Basil is susceptible to Fusarium wilt, blight, and downy mildew, especially when grown in humid conditions. Sow basil seed successionally from spring to summer so you have a continuous crop. Vegetables: Vegetables that have a reputation for growing successfully and without too much effort in Singapore include long beans, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and chillies. Add a little compost from kitchen scraps, if you can, and you have a great base for growing herbs. 10 Houseplants That Grow Well Even In Dark Bedrooms In Your Singapore Home. The flowers are purplish in elongate racemes in close whorls. Be sure to try Thai basil, holy basil, and red rubin basil — each variety has its own characteristics. There are various ways you can suspend your pots. It begins flowering in June and continues until frost. A cousin of the popular sweet basil, Thai basil has a somewhat stronger flavor with a hint of licorice and is popular in the cuisines of Southeast Asia. Basil, arguably is one of the more versatile herbs (think pesto pasta, pizza margherita and the simple caprese salad) and fortunately, also one of the easiest to grow. S$5.00-+ When to Plant Basil Many people confuse it with Thai Sweet Basil (horapa in Thai), which is a slightly sharper herb with a hint of liquorice. Ocimum tenuiflorum is sharp and peppery, with perhaps a touch of lemon.. I generously sprinkle it over caprese salads, add it whole-leaf into spicy Thai soups, muddle it into Bloody Marys, and make sweet basil syrup for my sliced summer strawberries.And don’t even get me started about how liberally I toss freshly chopped basil on my pizza; I know I’m not alone here. The only drawback here is that you will need to have a fully established Thai basil plant from which to obtain your cuttings. While kale prefers a colder environment, leafy greens such as bok choy and kailan grow very well here; rocket and mizuna are two more good growers. Freshly picked leaves can be added to salads, soups and sandwiches or dried for winter use. 3. Whether you want a few plant pots on your balcony (“apartment gardening”) or even a proper garden, here are some tips on how to grow herbs or vegetables that will have you on the path towards a bumper crop! Get in on the best deals, new products and gardening tips. Gardening Tips: Coriander is prone to bolting – skipping leaf production and running to seed – in overly hot, dry conditions (aka Singapore). How to grow Thai basil If growing Thai basil in pots, select a premium organic potting mix with the Australian standards tick. Eggplants (“brinjal”) are particularly renowned for their high success rate, so they’re a great place to start. The main ingredient in pesto, basil is also often used in pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, and more. Thai Basil. I have four types of basil, Thai basil, purple Thai basil, Italian basil and purple basil. Aspect: The stems of basil tend to be quite brittle, so are easily broken by wind. Most pots over 8 inches wide will work, but the larger the pot, the larger the basil can grow. Fun kids’ arts classes – keep them happy! (One tip: look on the packet for the “time to maturity” of the plant. If you have friends who are already growing herbs in their home, they … However, different plants require different quantities. Thai basil. Other varieties you may encounter are lemon, purple, and Thai basils. It is an erect, much branched subshrub, 30–60cm tall with hairy stems and simple opposite green or purple leaves that are strongly scented. Your best bet for a potting material is a mix of a regular soil potting mix along with what’s known as LECA (it stands for “lightweight expanded clay aggregate”). Grow several different basils in one pot or pair the … The leaves, which are about half the size of sweet basil, have purple stems and make pretty garnishes. As the leaves are the main source of seasoning there is no need to wait till it flowers. Thai Basil is the herb to grow if you like cooking Asian Dishes. with leaves 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) A friend gave me a packet of holy basil a few years back. … Keen on some fruit instead? This Oriental Resort-Themed Home In Singapore Proves Traditional Can Be Trendy Too. Banana water (or “banana tea”) is an easy one. A fragrant annual (a plant that has a life cycle of one year) with a bushy appearance, the most common types of basil are sweet basil and the licorice-flavoured Thai basil. Thai Basil Care. Thai basil can be grown alongside common sweet basil. 14th April 2020 by Expat Living First off you need to find someone who has some Thai Basil Plants to take some cuttings, these came from our garden in Thailand, the local birds here seem to enjoy snacking on our Basil but in more temperate climates I think the birds will leave them alone. Thai basil prefers soil that is lightly moist, slightly acidic, well-drained and rich in organic matter, such as compost.

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