how to mount a log mantel

Add support by drilling holes for lag shields, then install lag bolts into the brick. To preface this “tutorial”, I just want to share that this is only our personal experience! Place marks on the grout line every 16". A wooden mantel can be securely mounted to a brick fireplace in an afternoon using common hand-operated tools. Thanks . ): You’ll want to test how well that 2×4 fits inside your box before it’s attached to the wall. This project shows you how to install … Or if the wall needs to be flush, you can cut away your wall surface the … It helps to have an assistant hold the mantel in place while you mark it. Place one rod or screw in each stud behind the mantel. • Hang and secure mantel by matching the cleats. Screw lag bolts through the backer board and into the back of the mantel. How To Mount Log Mantle to Masonry Fireplace, We don’t have the tools to make the angle cuts for french cleats. We start with an Eastern Red Cedar Half Log then cut a flat back on it leaving it with a top width of 9" to 11" at the widest point. … Ask a friend to trace along the top of the mantel, then set the mantel aside. In most cases this type of installation takes only a few minutes. The height should be aesthetically pleasing, but should also follow local building codes. Center it around the firebox. Test the fit of the mantel before securing it permanently by sliding it onto the rebar or lag screws. Sometimes it's great to end a long day of work by just retreating right to bed and turning that bedroom TV on. 2×4 Mount; Mantel Brackets (Rod system) We chose to go with a mantel bracket for a few reasons. In the first quarter of the 20th century, art was often a plein-air or landscape painting, a portrait, or such period favorites as Edward Curtis prints of Native Americans. Building a fireplace mantel is a great beginner building project that anyone can handle. DIY enthusiasts can easily install mantels over the weekend by purchasing prefabricated mantel kits. Better still, installing a log fireplace mantel is easy and can be done over the course of a weekend. It’s harder than you think it should be; this is foreshadowing of what’s to come when you mount the beam. Note: If the fireplace wall is load-bearing, consult a qualified building professional before boring into the wall studs, which can compromise their strength. For mantels up to seven feet long two brackets are usually used, but more might be required depending on the weight of the mantel you choose. Before you do so, make sure to check the temperature above the mantel with a fire going, test the viewing angle, and plan where wires and cables from the TV will go. North Shore Log Company - updated their profile picture. Place marks on the grout line every 16". In addition, this unit simply plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet. Install your mantel back on the metal dowel for the finishing touch. Attach enclosed brackets provided to 2X4 spaced to fit over studs in wall. When you mount your mantle to the wall, it will need to slide onto a 2×4 that’s already been attached to the wall. Another suitable method to mount the rustic mantel when you have enough room is the backer board method. Suggested Mounting Detail-This is a simple suggestion of how to mount a log mantel to your hearth wall, your … Once you have the bracket holes drilled, you may slide the mantel onto the bracket on the wall. Ask a friend to trace along the top of the mantel, then set the mantel aside. By using a method that distributes the weight and pressure on to the studs behind the wall instead of the wall itself you can ensure that the mantel not only stays safely in place, but that it can support the weight of any art or decorations placed on top of it. We were nervous about trying to install it, especially after it arrived and we felt how HEAVY it is. One of the best ways to brighten a dark brick fireplace is by installing a floating mantel. Therefore, you don’t have to recess it into a wall or even build the mantelpiece yourself. Email: [email protected] Call: 612-281-9330. Mounting the beam Explore. Then use the drill to insert screws through the mantel and into the cleats. Then you mount that to the wall, putting screws / lags into the overlapping pieces above / below or at the ends. You will drill two holes on the side that will be installed onto the metal dowel. When you mount your mantle to the wall, it will need to slide onto a 2×4 that’s already been attached to the wall. The following presents a few approaches, but nothing replaces a trained, on-site … The heads of the lag screws should be but off after installation so the shanks of the screws can fit into the mantel's holes. Layout means finding two things: first, the finished mounting height of the bracket and second, each stud that will run behind your mantel. Use the same number of bolts from the backer board to the mantel as were used from the backer board to the studs. Here is a step by step guide that will show you how. The difficulty with this is that the relevant building regulations state that a standard uninsulated flue pipe must be positioned at least three times its diameter away from combustible materials. Now that you have learned how to install a fireplace mantel bracket, keep reading for some unique benefits to using our very own floating mantel brackets. How to Mount an Antique Mantel by Lauren McBride Blog […] Reply. Solid piece of wood for the mantel (we found ours at a surplus building material store local to us) Corbels (depending on your mantel these could be structural or just for decor purposes) Drill with a masonry bit; … How to Install a Floating Mantel. mantel can be scribed to fit the stone as shown in the diagram. Proper mantel installation over a fireplace takes good consideration of the aesthetics and materials to be used. The gap is less of an issue than you might think. Remove the old mantel. Most mantels are placed about 60" above the floor. A mantel that is 8 inches deep should have at least 17 inches of clearance, and a 10-inch-deep mantel at least 19 inches of clearance above the combustion chamber. Home Decor. Determine height of mantle. Step 1 Hold the mantel above the fireplace at the height you wish to mount it, at least 6 inches away from the firebox. These holes need to be close to perfect, as the dowels are also round and should purely slide into the wooden mantel Keep in mind the dowel is 3/4″ made of solid steel. How to Install Fireplace Mantel with Hidden Bracket - YouTube . Basically, you mount the mantel to a sheet of plywood or material that is slightly larger (taller and longer) than the size of the mantel using screws or lags. A rustic log fireplace mantel adds charm and nostalgia to a home like few other things can. Wood designs are the most popular because of their natural decorative appeal and ability to blend with varying room … How-to Cut a Log Mantel Key-Way by Mitchell Dillman - YouTube Then, cut the piece of 2x4 lumber to the same width. Step 1. Create the notches on the mantel on the rounded part of the log and leave about 3 inches on the outside edge of the notches. A In many cases the mantle looks like it is embedded into the wall or supported by the brick or stone of the fireplace surround. Determine the height of the mantle on the brick fireplace. The Mantel Brackets mount directly to the studs to provide the best and strongest support for you fireplace mantel. Note that our fireplace is a masonry or brick fireplace, covered with cement board and a concrete overlay. Mount the fireplace mantel. Place one rod or screw in each stud behind the mantel. Caulk the seam and allow time to dry before using. (Drum roll….) A log fireplace mantel kit (or a self made log mantel and support pieces) Hammer; Drill and drill bits; Level; Measuring tape; Stud finder; Screwdriver; Installing on a Stud Wall Step 1 - Mark and Measure Location for Mantel. For best support, drive them all the way through the stud. Hold the mantle up to the desired height and screw to the wall. Most mantels are placed about 60" above the floor. It will look like this (but don’t mount it yet!! Let’s break down what you need to know to get the job done — and done right! One of the biggest stove decor must-haves at the moment is the wooden mantel, which is often in the form of a piece of reclaimed or salvaged timber. For safety, the National Fire Protection Association recommends there be at least 15 inches between the top of the fireplace or combustion chamber and a mantel that is 6 inches deep. There are many benefits to using our floating mantel brackets, aside from the appearance that modern shelf brackets provide. Do we have to sand the stone to create a flatter surface so the mantle sits more flush to the stone. Tim Carter demonstrates how to use a hidden French cleat to attach a gorgeous fireplace mantel to a wall. Reclaimed Wood Beams. This method works for all fireplaces, including brick and stone. In reality, most mantle shelves or beams are installed over wood cleats that are mounted to the wall., North Shore Log Company -, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email. Two styles of wooden mounting brackets are available for our log mantels. The plan from the beginning was to install a reclaimed timber mantel. MantelMount takes into account the needs of the whole family, transforming the room into a perfect home theater … It will look like this (but don’t mount it yet!! Step 6 - Create Notches in Mantel and Support Pieces Use the pencil and draw marks for the notches on the support pieces and the mantel. Cover your mantel with plastic before starting any rock work around it. Push the wooden mantel carefully into place using wood glue for extra support. From the hardware store, buy two or three metal plates (1/8x1x8 inch) and a dozen 3-inch wood screws. Over the mantel Traditional options for the wall over the mantel include artwork, a mirror, taxidermy, or a textile.

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