jacuzzi waterfall lights not working

Very please with this spa. 877-346-4814. Spa lights may not always be visibly bad, or you may not be able to tell a bad led by looking at it. Be sure that the wires are not shorted or corroded, and are making good contact. The light wire connectors and connection can also be the problem, to inspect them, disconnect the wire connectors and clean with a toothbrush and look for any signs of damage. In my experience, a problem on the circuit board is the cause of light failure only in a small percentage of cases. Test or replace .3amp fuse next to terminal box where wiring attaches to the spa. Re: Lights stopped working on Jacuzzi J-345. I have a Jacuzzi J-345 and went in the Tub two nights ago and everything else works except the lights. Cons: Could use a couple of head rests.. In observance of Thanksgiving, we will be closed Thursday November 26, 2020, re-opening Monday November 30, 2020. You can check a spa light fuse with a multi-meter. JACUZZI® Waterfall Assemblies sort by: regular price (lowest) regular price (highest) date (newest) date (oldest) name (a thru z) name (z thru a) Waterfall Cover: J-400 Niagra (2006+ J-400 Series) Press inward with thumbs to curl pillow lip inward so you can grab it with fingertips. If it was not indicating light function at the topside, then it could just be the topside button causing the problem, but since it says it's on, and there's no power coming out the receptacle, it's a problem with the light circuit on the board itself. Luckily, some tried and true remedies for troubleshooting your jetted tub exist. Beachcomber Hot Tubs support and contact addresses. Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection Waterfall Light 6560-183 Clip-on waterfall light with black cord for all J-400 Collection Spas manufactured between 2006-2015. ! Do you have waterfall lights?? ... All lights and associated light products are not returnable. You need not be an electrical wizard to find a spa light problem however, just remember to take it step by step and rule out all possible issues - and if we can help you out in any way, let us know! Step 3 Hold the transformer in your hand and plug the LED lights back in. I just bought a house a week ago and it came with a 2005 jacuzzi j-365 hot tub. Once we determine if you have the old style or the new ones we can walk you through troubleshooting it. Used on: 6541-063 Aqua terrace waterfall (2 required per waterfall) This part is only needed when replacing a 2005 Waterfall. You can check a spa light bulb with a multi-meter. Concentrate on one area at a time and ensure it is working correctly before moving onto another area. Spa doesn’t drain completely: The spa is drained by gravity. The latest models of spas brag about their "29 points of light" and this alone makes troubleshooting hot tub lights more difficult, in addition to the controlled electrical aspects. If you have an older tub that uses Air Switches to turn the light on … It is not necessary to drain the spa in its entirety except when winterizing the spa. Yet, the process for troubleshooting modern spa lights is the same as for traditional hot tub lights. Check that the button functions up and down properly, and that the air hose is connected on both ends. Transformers are fairly easy to recognize and are about 1.5" square, with wire leads attached. If this fails replace the DCU unit in the front of the spa by the control box under the topside. Organic buildup of oils and dirt. Once you have a good port unplug the underwater light, mark it and set it aside. Check your spa pack owner's manual for exact location, it may not be labeled. Many spa packs use a small fuse to protect the lamp and bulb (and spa users), should the voltage rise above safe limits. They can help with stress reduction, relaxation and sports-related injuries. 1 2 Place both hands on pillow with thumbs as shown. Most spa lights are 12V, although some are 24V, and to provide the light bulb with the right voltage, many spas use a small transformer to reduce the incoming voltage to the correct low voltage amount. All Rights Reserved. Login with username, password and session length. If one day you discover that your pump is making a strange noise or not working at all, you can likely troubleshoot the problem on your own. We are a wholesale distributor of spa and hot tub parts. Even LED spa light bulbs will fail, despite some claims that they last nearly forever, they usually burn out within ten years. Spa Light Switch Not Working. Even when these thin wires look good, they could be worth a second look. Spa lighting on new spas presents a bit more challenge with more lights to maintain, since many spas now come with sets of lights, internal and external, not just a single bulb in the foot basin. You can blow air through the hose with your mouth to test the air switch operation. 3 4 5 Flex pillow lip inward 2-3" to get a good grip on the ends. A ring of scum around the spa. If you have an older tub that uses Air Switches to turn the light on and off, the first thing to check is the switch itself. For most spa lights however, the lamp well stays rather dry, and corrosion won't be noticed. My wife and I love it. Spa comes on by itself: This function is normal when heating and filtering. Jetted tubs are amazing additions to any home. Many times these are attached to the circuit board, and often look like small ice cubes. We are a wholesale distributor of spa and hot tub parts. What year is it? Some spa light systems use relays to control or direct the power to the light. Don't splice with butt end connectors, replace the spa light kit, very cheap and a better long term solution. You can test with a multi-meter, the power coming into spa relays, but it's often easier to remove the light lamp and check for power at the light, during or just after turning the light on. I am assuming your spa is still under warranty. Copyright © 2020 Hot Tub Works®. In some cases, you can find the short, and by wiggling it you will notice the light coming on/off in the spa. My guess is bad connection, or main light assembly easy fix for the most part. Hearing the relay click does not mean that it's good or bad, but they can get stuck, become corroded or otherwise fail. *This is a replacement for the 6560-750. Size. JACUZZI® Lights sort by: regular price (lowest) regular price (highest) date (newest) date (oldest) name (a thru z) name (z thru a) Waterfall: 2007+ J-300 with integrated LEDs (2007+ J-300 Series) !! If you do not have a voltage meter wait 6 minutes after turning on the power to see if the pump comes on then call support with findings. >>>> ONCE UPON A TIME... spas and hot tubs were easier to work on, like the mechanical automobiles of an earlier generation. Set it to Ohms or resistance and place your probes on the light contacts. La Spas Aqua Klean® Filter Bag FD-51107 SKU: 6008 Price: $30.00 Fin Wall Flat Pillow 5FD-62031 SKU: 5008 Price: $40.00 2002-2006 PowerPro LX Jetface 6000-363 SKU: 2004 Price: $20.00 … My Jets Aren’t Working. We have used it about 4 times with no issues. They can either give you a quick fix over the phone or come out and take care of the problem under warranty. Jacuzzi constantly strives to offer the finest spas available, therefore modifications and enhancements may be made which Our Price: Log in for price. This is when a call to the dealer comes in real handy. We are a family owned and operated business that takes immense pride in treating our customers with outstanding customer care and … If you push the light button and can hear a small noise, then you do have relays. • With ProFinish™ cabinetry and optional corner accent lighting, an at-a-glance indicator light, and color touch screen control panel, the J-425™ hot tub is stunning in any patio or backyard space. Be sure to lock the cover straps to secure the cover from unwanted or accidental entry. Possible corrosion on connection there?? Most spa light relays are located just before the pool light lamp, or last in line before power reaches the bulb. if switch measures infinite (no continuity) with pump off, switch is OK, Turn on Main pump and measure across switch terminals for continuity. Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection Waterfall Light 6560-183 . If debris is present, remove debris, install switch and test system. Pros: Well isolated, uses less water, and is roomy for two large people. Manual 2004 Jacuzzi Premium Protech LED Model Hot Tubs (J-315, J-325, J-335, J-345) ; Page 2 The following symbol is placed throughout this manual for your protection. Seats. The spa light lamp has a wire connected to it, which can short out by being nicked, or chewed on by rodents or insects, or from being crimped for too long in one position. If you wanted to lie around in warm, unmoving water, you’d just take a bath. $119.99. Make sure power is OFF before opening up your spa pack, and use care when poking around in there. Just give the spa lamp a good inspection, to be sure the contacts for the wire and the bulb are solid and intact. Troubleshooting spa lights is just like any other lighting - the problem lies where the power dies. Always use extreme caution whenever performing repairs to electrical control system components of any kind! blockage, l which you have to remove switch and inspect. It's a very thin wire, and it doesn't take much to stop the flow of power to the light bulb. ! Free Brochure Get Pricing. If the wire looks ruptured or the glass is discolored or looks like it heated up, replace the fuse with the same type and amperage. They are not needed for 2006+ spas 6540-544 Waterfall 780 Series Includes light Related Products. Modern spa lights are turned on by pressing the air button on the topside control panel, and usually has an indicator that displays when the light is on (or when it thinks it's on). However when I removed all the lights inside the tub from their fittings, (except the waterfall, and speaker lights) the menu reappeared. But when something goes wrong that prevents a jetted tub from working properly, it can be a major source of stress. JAC6560-183. Again remember the Mantra - the problem lies where the power dies. Using Dimension One Spa Parts we teach you how to fix your spa: Spa Jets, Spa Pumps, Laing Heaters, Spa Ozone, Spa Pillows, Hot Tub Heaters, Vision Cartridge, Spa Filters and More. Product Reviews Find Similar Products by Category. A good fuse will show '0' resistance, and anything higher than '1' means a bad fuse. As mentioned earlier, it could be the light relay on the board, or the fuse - or it could be any other partial board failure (capacitor, resistor) preventing the light from coming on, even though the control panel may tell you it's on. Fixing some of these problems at home is possible. It is wired for 110V and 220V I have not had time to hook up the 220V but it is working perfectly on the lower voltage. Replacing the entire hot tub light kit with new wires and connectors if often the fix. Award winning Hot Spring dealer for a gazillion years. An air switch is operated by a white button on the top of the spa shell that when pushed, sends a pulse of air to activate the switch. A good bulb will show '0' resistance, and anything higher than '1' is shorted out, or a bad bulb. This LED Light Clips Onto The Underside Of The J-400 Series Waterfall And Has A Miniature DIN Style Plug End. Often times, it can be cleaned up with a toothbrush or rag to quickly fix the problem. Being that spa lights are typically underwater, corrosion from moisture can affect the contacts made between the lamp and the bulb. JAC6560-183. Set it to Ohms or resistance and place your probes on each end of the fuse. In observance of Thanksgiving, we will be closed Thursday November 26, 2020, re-opening Monday November 30, 2020. Let's go through it step by step - here's a list of things to check when your spa light is not working. Other times the spa light lamp will fail if corrosion damages the contacts or the light shell too much. sometimes with all the various electronics in a spa they act up like a computer does and basically requires a reset of the breaker. Jacuzzi Spa J-400 2013+ Waterfall Light. You should just be able to look at it with out removing it. Sign up for exclusive deals at Hot Tub Works! You can find useful tools to help you fix your spa here. Check the transformer, the switch, the wiring and the lights one by one. And, at 20% off, you'll pay a fraction of the price you'll find at other dealers. Then start plugging in your other air control and waterfall lights … Buy a Jacuzzi Led Waterfall Light [6560-422] for your Jacuzzi Pool and Spa - We have the parts and diagrams to make your repairs easy. Read and carefully follow the requirements for your spa’s support base found in Section 4.0 titled, “Choosing A Location” (page 9). Like you, the light menu no longer appears on my hot tub screen. Worse case you need a new main light assembly or circuit board. If you've reset it and it starts doing it again it will most likely require a warranty service call to replace the LED controller which is basically the "brains" of the lights… Our Master Spas Troubleshooting Guides include problem solving regarding chemicals, jets, filters, heaters, pumps, and more hot tub elements. Here is the Tub but not a good pic of the Light by the Waterfall. Jacuzzi water fall lights have a circuit board as well like this one if all else fails then the circuit board of the light is bad but I would … Page 1 Standard Troubleshooting Approach S.T.A. It will not always drain fully. We sell exclusively to pool & spa professionals. The typical type of spa light fuse is the tube type - metal ends with a glass center, so you can view the wire inside. Customers also viewed. We sell exclusively to pool & spa professionals. JACUZZI SPA J-400 WATERFALL LIGHT . Locate the ribbon cable for you underwater light and plug this into a port on the DCU til you find a port that allows the underwater light to work. No action required. Wipe the scum off with a clean rag; if the layer of scum is heavy, drain the spa and use a spa surface and tile … What usually happens is a failure of 1 or 2 of the LED's which shorts out the entire bulb. ... SUNDANCE SPA AQUA TERRACE WATERFALL LIGHT, 880 SERIES, 2005-2008. Dimension One Spa Troubleshooting. Then tonight me and a friend got it, and the lights are not working right. If you have gone through all the other spa light troubleshooting steps above, with no success, it could mean that the main spa circuit board is where the power dies, and hence where the problem lies. Finally, the main PCB or printed circuit board could be preventing the light from coming on. If you unplug that light for 30 seconds and plug it back in and it will still not turn off then replace that light. No. J-400 Waterfall Light $303.00 $88.00. High-quality hot tubs rarely have pump issues, but when they do, repair is typically the answer—not necessarily buying a new hot tub. Contact your local dealer for tips on keeping this problem in check in your climate. Light is not functioning: Follow the LED replacement section. Sundance Spas (Replacement for 6560-750) Waterfall LED Light | 6560-177. Will not work on 2016+ models with the yellow cord. The old style waterfall light if you have it is replaceable with the new style which is much better! A transformer is a small magnet, wrapped in a primary and secondary coil, to create an electromagnet. Careful what you post on the Internet. The voltage coming out should match what the label states (12V or 24V), and if it's more than 10% higher or lower, you may need a new spa transformer.

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