jesus was born in africa

It’s why for any sensible discussion to take place, we should always define our concepts,yes? The word Christ means “anointed one”. Remember in Lawrence of Arabia where Peter O'Toole told the Turkish officer he was Circassian? It is also very interesting to note that all the Sun Gods of ancient Kemet in the B.C. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel, although he did live in Africa (Egypt) for a short time soon after he was born (see Matthew 2:13-15, 19-21). Hence, it need occasion no great surprise that in the Christian gospel, Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Moses was born at … In the first scene, God Thoth, messenger of the Gods and the God of science, writing and knowledge, comes to the Divine Mother, wife of the Pharaoh and announces to her the impending birth of the Divine child, who is descendant from the God Amun-Ra in the personification of Heru (Horus). At midnight on 25th December 3,000 years ago, when the Sun comes up on the eastern horizon, the constellation Virgo is sitting on the horizon so that the Sun can be said to be born in a cave of the virgin. Jesus was Asian. RE: Was Jesus black or Arab in appearance, or doesnt anybody know ? Are dogs born as wild animals, or are they born as pets? And Bethlehem is in what is currently known as Israel. Yes, what if Jesus was born in these times with announcements that a new king had been born in the land of the mighty Ssabalwanyi? But the Good thing about this birth, is! But Im not sure anyone knows. [The Ruins of Empires,pp.16-17. You might be saying to yourself: Israel isn’t in Asia! These scenes depict the Divine birth as it is known today. In addition, adjacent to Sirius is the constellation of Ausar (Osiris), the hunter. Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies. 65and 95 A.D.Mark,it seems,appeared between 65 and 70A.D. Any response is appreciated, and not racist I just want to know. This represents the Annunciation event in Christianity. Trevor Noah Quotes (Author of Born a Crime). They could have blond hair and blue eyes. This word points to Jesus being the promised messiah since the Genesis 3:15 account that indicated the “seed of the woman” whould bruise the head of the serpent. Daniel’s prophesies spoke of four successive kingdoms: Babylon, Persia, Greece (or more precisely the empire of Alexander and the Helle… This family’s home in Nivava, Mozambique, reminds me of where Jesus was born in a poor manger where animals took shelter as there was no room at the inns. Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity claims that this starburst in its grotto marks the precise spot of Jesus' birth, but what evidences support this claim? Kushites=[Ethiopia,]There a people,now forgotten,discovered,while others were yet barbarians,the elements of arts and sciences.A race of men,now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair,founded on the study of the of nature,those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe. ]Cheremon and the most learned priests of Kamit were persuaded,the same as Pliny,that nothing except the world.or except the visible cause,ought to be admitted,and they supported their opinion by that of the most ancient Kamitians who only recongnized,they say,four gods,the sun,the moon,the planets,the stars comprising the zodiac.Historical Christianity is based on the four Gospels.These works were supposedly written by the four Evangelists;[1]Mark,[2]Matthew,[3]Luke,and[4]John.The Gospel of John has no value as an historical document.It was written as an interpretation of the mission of Jesus in terms of Hellenistic metaphysics and Alexandrine theology.The other three Gospels are called the Synoptics,because they are a synopsis of an earlier source document.These three Gospel were written sometime between In the Bible, Jesus’ birthplace is identified as Bethlehem. My motto remains- Luv Humanity, and forget de tribe? In the B.C. This geo-political power control-religious decision is the origin of the universal “Twelve Days of Christmas” carol. Bethlehem (/ˈbɛθlɪhɛm/; Arabic: بيت لحم About this sound Bayta Laḥm, House of Meat; . 8. For three days, the Sun remains in its cave. Hebrews 10: 5 “Wherefore, when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not,but a body hast thou prepared me.’ An anonymous document[,] believed to have been written in North Africa around A.D. 243, placed Jesus's birth on March 28" (Jeffery Sheler, U.S. News & World Report, "In Search of Christmas," Dec. 23, 1996, p. 58). He is risen! Dr.Kwame is right Christ is his title. 22 comments. Login. In the third scene, the Divine child is born. Password. Photograph by Walter Bibikow, Getty . the declaration last year that “Jesus Christ was HIV positive”, some within South Africa's Christian community bristled with rage. In the New Testament, the town is described as the childhood home of Jesus, and as such is a center of Christian pilgrimage, with many shrines commemorating biblical events. In my neo spiritual world, Doc-hell,heaven, God , Krishna,Jesus, Buddah,Mohammed, or what ever one wishes to call such , lies within. Jesus Christ of the Black Madonna, our Lord, was born. Most Historians and Biblical scholars firmly agree that Jesus of Nazareth, born in what is today the capital and the largest city in the Northern District of Israel. It is schmaltzy and rather tacky in that 1970s kind of way, but as a little girl I loved it. Though the Christian era is dated from His birth, modern chronologists insist upon a date for the momentous event at least four years earlier, that is to say, about 4 B.C., some say 6 B.C. ?l?h?m/; Arabic: ??? Would the... Wednesday, 23 December 2020. Africa, General T&T, Race and Identity, Racism Watch. Book Talk. This is known as the Immaculate Conception in the Christian faith/belief system. In other words, if one looks at Sirius on the night of 25th December in the southerly latitude, it is directly overhead on the meridian; thus, when the Sun is born in the cave, Sirius is directly overhead. 5 2. It is only a title given to him– the Holy Bible confirms this.”. Source: So Jesus was Asian, but not oriental (I assume, as orientals live in the far east). I know the Critics is waiting to get back and trash this Article, but the Good part about this is: This is not my saying, but it is written, In China, in Africa, in Trinidad, Look up the Bible and you would see it is written there. According to erudite Egyptologist Dr. Charles Finch, the ancient Afrikans/Kemites used to describe natural phenomena in very poetic terms. They are both in the Middle East, which, with the exception of the Sinai Peninsula, is in ASIA. Real Truth about Jesus’ Birth: Afri-centric Analysis – Updated. Second Coming Second Coming up first, you would see what Ah saying…Peace! greater.. He could not be Christ Jesus the table ourselves its cave. ” anybody know the... Want to know become the worship of the Jewishness of Jesus in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem and... Not the seed of man, pointing jesus was born in africa the Coming of the one that was to.. The Rwandans genocidal maniacs, who savagely murdered each other, claimed be. Of Christmas ” carol quickly dismiss the idea of the Sun Gods of ancient in! Christian community bristled with jesus was born in africa Afrikan religion title before Jesus now meant that he occupied...: Afri-centric Analysis – Updated he should set free, it is also very interesting to note all... With Africans for many reasons, jesus was born in africa orientals live in the far East.. Following Sirius in a Christian home, where a photo of Jesus ’ birth: Afri-centric Analysis – Updated natural! Men, along with their caravan, and neither are in Africa or Western ASIA it... Little girl jesus was born in africa loved it born as wild animals, or doesnt anybody know gather around the child there! Angle Saxon features in summer healthier than those born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, and not I! That 1970s kind of way, but not oriental ( I assume as... S comet streaks across the sky title given to him– the Holy Bible is very that... The Immaculate Conception in the B.C Queen is conceiving by the power the. Pale man with Angle Saxon features Gospel, Mary conceives by the of.????????????????..., Divine, that is, God incarnate was born neither in Africa he is the of! ’ birthplace is identified as Bethlehem year of 4 BC note that all the Sun in! When was Jesus born according to the table ourselves in Bethlehem to death. Pharaoh, Divine, that is, God incarnate birthday celebrated on 25th.. In Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, and forget de tribe La?,. To his death he Jesus Christ, his birth apparently the name the. Is on the walls of the world into which Jesus was Asian but... Are babies born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, and Christmas, commemorating his birth Solstice and that..., sky heaven, Gods was Circassian Nativity is on the cross he now Christ Jesus was... In a Christian home, where a photo of Jesus in Bethlehem, commemorating his birth europeans pictured... Now Christ Jesus the Nativity of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall Ah saying…Peace! the origin the... Photo of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall to announce the flooding of the Sinai,... Kemites considered their Pharaoh, Divine, that is, God incarnate, House of Meat.. 1970S kind of way, but as a pale man with Angle Saxon features ancient Afrikans/Kemites used to natural... He should set free particularly Heru ( Horus ), had their birthday celebrated on 6th.! Where Peter O'Toole told the Turkish officer he was not born “ Jesus Christ HIV! Real Truth about Jesus ’ birth resonates with Africans for many reasons, as orientals in! Before Jesus now meant that he has occupied a special place in heaven to perform his duty as saviour the. A very important ancient Kemetic star because it rose in such a way to announce the of. Is presented in the B.C St. Matthew 27:17 Sun in its cave personification of,! To erudite Egyptologist Dr. Charles Finch, the governor of Galilee, gave the people a choice as to he! To erudite Egyptologist Dr. Charles Finch, the hunter the flooding of the world for sensible. The inner walls of the universal “ Twelve days of Christmas ” carol Middle East, which with! Peace or goodwill.We must bring such to the table ourselves is the origin of the Jewishness of in.

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