non locking edc knife is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Having spent 30 years in conflict zones as a writer and documentarian Robert Young Pelton clearly knows a thing or two about what gear will save your ass in the harshest of environments. There is a reversible pocket clip that can double as a money clip and both thumb and palm index ramps provide a secure grip for lighter cutting tasks around camp. Whitby KENT EDC Pocket Knife (2.25") - Mahogany Wood Whitby Knives. ... Whitby Sprint EDC UK Legal Carry Pen Knife. Locking vs. Non-Locking Knives. Deejo and their French design team have created one of the lightest series of EDC knives, designed especially for hikers. 3" SK5 carbon steel blade with a black stainless handle. The DTP also features a reinforced lock back mechanism, an ambidextrous thumb hole for smooth and accelerated deployment, a lanyard hole and a reversible pocket clip for multiple carry options. If you can’t legally carry a locking knife, see our guide to the 10 best non-locking EDC knives. The blade features a slightly recurve cutting edge, perfect for making long draw cuts. Slip joints are non-locking and typically found in traditional knives such as Swiss Army Knives and Case Knives. And if you’re looking for a quick one-handed opening knife, the GDC comes with dual integrated thumb studs with a lock-back safety feature. Miguel Nieto Climber Knife. As a general guideline, smaller and simpler is better. Brand. £14.95. Chosen for its optimal hardness and corrosion resistance, The Folsom has been counterbalanced for ease of sharpening, because if you own a knife you should be able to sharpen it yourself. Spyderco knives signature leaf-shaped blades and Spyder thumb holes are for those who prefer their EDC knives to stand out. Your email address will not be published. You need to decide if you want to open your EDC knife manually, with a button, or by pulling the blade. The only fully serrated blade on our list, the Tuff Lite is the perfect size to slip into a pocket, wear around your neck or clip to your waistband. Looking like the panels on a Stealth bomber, the matte black aluminum handle features an angled design that provides a comfortable and secure grip. And each one of them will be worth the cost, they save you time and effort and by carrying one you’ll have a tool to hand when you’ll need it most. The Trident is an EDC blade that’s tough enough to be used on a daily basis for either military or civilian use. One of the most striking EDC knives on our list is a solid option for an everyday carry, for any environment. Whether you want a tough tactical cutting tool or a sleek and stylish gentlemen’s folder, the following 15 blades will show you that you can get a superb EDC knife for less than $100. Reate’s Hills Titanium Flipper is a folding design that any knife fan can appreciate. The best part is you don’t have to sink hundreds of dollars into one. Required fields are marked *. The knife is coated with gray titanium-nitrade and the blade comes in a Wharncliffe style. The pocket folder features a CTS BD1 steel 2.99-inch blade and a glass-reinforced nylon handle. Inspired by some of the very first folding knives the Pointer uses friction to keep the 2.5-inch blade closed and an extended tang to keep it open in your hand. Shop Today! Read more. It is a wonderfully engineered, Scandi Ground slip joint folder that is made from quality materials. A locking knife means there’s a mechanism decreasing the odds of the knife from accidentally opening. How to Choose a Non-Locking Knife for EDC. Known for their line of tactical flashlights and pens, 5.11 also make a range of no-nonsense tactical knives that are designed to get the job done. The goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best product and to help you be confident in your purchase decision. This version, the No. The sub-zero cryo-quenched 4116 stainless steel blade is astonishingly durable and will maintain a super sharp edge, perfect for intricate cutting tasks. Measuring just 5.25 inches long when fully opened this is a knife ready for everyday carry but tough enough to get things done. Beautiful Rainbow Effect UK Legal Carry Pocket Knife. Made from 420J2 stainless steel the knife features a thumb stud for one-handed deployment and as the blade is fully rotated open, the frame lock snaps in behind for a solid lockup. The second Zero Tolerance blade on our list of the best EDC knives is the 0801BW Flipper. A Grey Teflon coating reduces glint and glare and repels moisture and soil, and the skeletonized handle with textured grip ensures a confident hold with or without gloves. The Pointer Folding Knife is the latest EDC knife from the brand and is a lightweight, non-locking knife perfect for everyday use. 3.75" closed. Each blade is designed with a tactical advantage with a variety of fixed and folding knives that are sturdy and compact enough for everyday carry. The slim-profile of the Civilware Clipper features a high-end 154CM steel blade and measures 6.75-inches open and 3.75-inches closed. All of their folding knives are numbered from two through to 12, small to large, each of them featuring Opinel’s iconic styling. Available in five colors it packs some serious cutting power from the Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel blade. Not everyone understands what it means, but you’re almost certain to be a part of the movement. Opinel No.8 Classic Originals Carbon Steel Knife with Sheath Gift Set Opinel. Weight is an important factor when choosing a pocket knife for everyday carry. Featuring a monoblock construction the handles are without liners, scales or back spacers. In this guide, many of the brands offer more than one option of the knife we’ve picked, so we’ve rounded up 25 of the best EDC knives you can buy. We have THE best EDC folding knives on the market today. With classic good looks, the team has added a unique twist with the innovative frame-flick opening system. The Buck’s flipper facilitates ultra-fast and smooth opening and its tactical design and anti-reflective steel drop point blade makes the Buck a solid choice as a rescue knife or self-defense weapon. Despite its size, the Subcom is a capable tool. Everyday carry items are pocket-sized friendly gear that you can take anywhere, and one of the best tools you can bring is a folding pocket knife. Add to Cart. Inspired by some of the very first folding knives the Pointer uses friction to keep the 2.5-inch blade closed and an extended tang to keep it open in your hand. The James Brand range of blades is possibly some of the best knives made. Whitby SlipJoint Non Locking Knife w/ Drop Point Blade (2.25") Whitby Knives. ... Non-Locking EDC Knives; Compare Products. It’s a multi-function knife although it keeps its Swiss Army Knife aspirations to a minimum. There is a built-in lanyard hole as well as a pocket clip for versatile carrying, and a safety lock to stop the blade from closing while in use. For added versatility, the handle has a unique groove that allows the operator to cut anything from paracord to the fishing line without having to open the blade. The Bugout takes the cake for the best EDC knife. The attractive pattern to the carbon fiber handle not only looks great but keeps the overall weight down and grip levels up. Highlighting the best knife makers and manufacturers in this space. Famous for raising the bar in the knife industry Cold Steel’s Recon 1 line of tactical folders are setting a standard that’s hard to beat. A ruggedly handsome everyday carry, the Lancer is designed by Serge Panchenko, built for durability and finished with a masculine modern touch. If your blade is slow to open or is prone to sticking then you could be screwed, that’s why choosing one with a great mechanism is paramount. Just look at the beautifully crafted James Chapter Swell Knife, and you’ll understand. Perfect to carry while camping or at work, the Dog Tag can be hidden on a neck chain and kept close to hand for when you need a handy pocket knife. Available with two, three, four and five-inch blades, every aspect of their construction has been over-engineered to make them as strong, durable and effective as possible. The 319 Proper is sleek and simple, but doesn’t skimp where it counts – like in its CPM-S30V 2.86″ blade or lightly textured Micarta handle. At just 3.6 ounces, this folding knife is lightweight and easy to carry and also features a reversible, bayonet-mounted clip so the knife can sit low in your pocket for the most discreet carry possible. Currently Out of Stock. They’re designed to be as tough as nails and will cut as a chain saw. It benefits from a smooth ball-bearing action for easy opening and has a full flat 3.6-inch ground S35VN steel blade. Traditionally made Japanese non locking Knife. These are all considerations when choosing a new folding pocket knife. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, the Cold Steel Code 4 is an extremely functional utility knife designed to be the only EDC folder you’ll ever need to carry. Weighing just 2.4-ounces, the Lancer Plus is designed to sit low in your pocket thanks to a titanium carry clip and maybe the only knife you’ll ever want to carry again. Cold Steel Tuff Lite Serrated Edge Folding Knife, Cold Steel Pocket Bushman WITH STAINLESS HANDLE, Cold Steel Code 4 Spear Point Folding Knife, Zero Tolerance Sinkevich Titanium Folding Knife, Zero Tolerance 0801BW Flipper Titanium BlackWash Knife, 5 Best Nonstick Frying Pan Reviews in 2020. The minimal handle made from G10, Titanium, and heat-treated 416 stainless steel is available in three colors and is shaped to aid grip when the knife is being used. This undergoes vacuum heat treatment and sub-zero quenching that results in a level of toughness unmatched at this price point. It’s small and lightweight with an impressive blade that’s been heat treated to perfection. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife. The Bushman from Cold Steel is a dependable and rugged folding knife designed for the outdoorsman. Kizer Non-Locking Detent Slip Joint Knife Bohler N690 Blade and Micarta Handles Folding EDC Knife, Designer: Rolf Helbig, Knife Name: Pinch, V3009 Visit the Kizer Store 4.1 out of 5 stars 9 ratings Another collaboration from CRKT, this time teaming up with North Dakota’s knife designer Russ Kommer. It is no longer produced, but should be quite easy to find still. Rainbow Non-Locking EDC Knife. The American-made, titanium folding knife is a collaboration between Dmitry Sinkevich and Zero Tolerance. ZT has earned a reputation among their devoted fans as being a “real beast” or even being – proudly – “overbuilt”. With a partially serrated, 3.75-inch AUS-8 steel folding blade the Trident features a clip point shape that allows for a quicker and deeper puncture area. Non Locking Knives We have THE best EDC folding knives on the market today. It might not be the most definitive breakdown of EDC knives but they’re the knives we would 100% recommend if you asked us “What’s the best EDC knife I can buy?”. Taking the Best edc knives to another level is our list of the best tactical knives. If you’re questioning 5.11’s ability to develop a worthy knife then don’t. £29.95. Made from corrosion-resistant AEB-L the blade will retain its edge and ease sharpening. A discreet carry the Clipper weighs a mere 4.15-ounces and is finished with phosphor bronze washers. The knife also features a paracord cutting notch which makes it handy in survival situations. Be sure to check your local knife laws about restrictions on locking knives, as that may narrow down your options. Everyday carry should be small, lightweight, and fit your pocket along with the rest of your gear. But inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap, EDC knives come in all shapes and sizes, functions, materials and finishes. If you’re looking for an alternative looking blade then, the Schrade M.A.G.I.C. The thin, sleek modified drop point blade is just 3-inches long and features a Titanium Nitride finish, and at just over 4-inches in length when closed, this makes for a very likable everyday carry. The handles are made from hard-anodized 6061 Aluminum and feature Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad locking system while the 3.5-inch Carpenter CTS XHP steel blade is polished to a razor-sharp edge. This set-up means you can always depend on the blade to stay securely open, even in the most trying of conditions. A genuine EDC knife that’s as rugged and tough as they come. 5.00 out of 5. Look no further. Which is as ridiculous as it sounds.With such a broken system, companies like Spyderco, Boker, and Lanksy amongst many others have seized on the opportunity to produce something exclusively … The James Brand County Knife Lanyard not included. This EDC is a showpiece that will be frequently asked about among your friends. Short for “Precision Engineered Compact Knife,” and weighing less than an ounce you won’t even feel it’s there. The 3.4-inch high-quality CPM S30V steel blade benefits from added surface jimping to both the spine and finger choil for added grip and makes for a very unique looking EDC knife. Dangerous Parts Extreme, known as DPx, have built their gear to survive the worst environments imaginable. The RAT 2is one of our favorite budget blades as few other folding knives offer the equivalent performance, fit and features at this price point. Weighing 2.5-ounces and measuring just 4.5-inches, the Boker Plus Subcom Pocket Knife is a great blade to gain an edge in your everyday carry. Compare. Made from 440C stainless steel the three-inch blade features a large thumbhole for one-handed opening and a titanium liner lock makes it safe to wield for such a lightweight knife. The handle is tough yet comfortable and the whole thing feels incredibly well balanced in use. Non-Locking UK carry legal folding knife with 6cm blade. We even have legislation against so called “zombie knives” which is to say; knives that are offensive in nature as per their imagery. The Sandvik stainless steel blade is attached to a beechwood handle and locked in place with Opinel’s signature Virobloc safety ring. Traditional knives like the Case Barlow mentioned in this article have a “half-stop” and a “full-stop” when they are deployed, which is a detent in the knife handle that helps the blade to stay open when in use. The Non-Locking "EDC" Pocket knife is a great seller as it is THE knife to have on you as your every day carry as it pretty much conforms to 99% of the Worlds EDC laws. The handle features G-10 laminate scales contoured for a non-slip grip and protects Cold Steel’s world-renowned Tri-Ad back locking system. ... Whitby KENT EDC Pocket Knife (2.25") - Black Pakkawood Whitby Knives. Very small and non-offensive-looking. It conforms to everything the brand representants and has resulted in a handsome, very solid, heavy-duty knife, for those tougher jobs. £29.95. Purchase: $135. At a moment’s notice, you should be able to deploy your blade for important tasks or in a self-dense situation – should it arise. The black coated, partially serrated blade is made of AUS-8 stainless steel and boasts an ambidextrous thumb stud while the nylon handle is reinforced with fiberglass. Their first liner-lock knife The Folsom has been designed for the outdoor adventurer in mind. And even though the Deejo range may weigh the same as a pen, no corners have been cut on the quality and finish. EK3R Non-locking Knife EK3R is a Non-locking pocket knife with handmade, uses Swedish SANDVIK 12C27 steel blade and Staniness steel handle, with Vacuum oil hardened heat treated blade, for durable and sharp, Non-locking mechanism - Legal to carry in most countries, Hollowed-out drop blade design, Stainless steel clip included, Available in multiple finishes. £19.99. Shop By. This knife is a great option for EDC. Whatever the situation SOG has developed a knife that you can depend on when the time arises. Shopping Options. We talk a lot about the term ‘Everyday Carry’. So, join us now! It’s a space that’s growing rapidly, and a cornerstone of that is EDC knives. £ 11.99 Join Waiting List. 5.00 out of 5. ... VICTORINOX "compact" BEST POCKET KNIFE for urban EDC - … The 3.5-inch long Griv-Exd handle offers surprisingly good grip in all conditions while the slanted point penetrates deep and gives precision cutting without appearing aggressive to attract unwanted attention from the law. BDU Imports Ltd & The Bushcraft Store®, Culver Nurseries, Cattlegate Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9DS, UK, 9:30 - 17:00 Monday to Saturday - HIGH STREET STORE CLOSED DURING LOCKDOWN, 10.00 - 1600 Sundays - 5TH NOVEMBER TO 2ND DECEMBER, This is subject to change without notice depending on the situation regarding COVID 19, (for extended opening hours simply telephone), 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:30 - 17.30 (10:00 - 16:00 SUN). - They are also Scandi Ground and RAZOR sharp. EDC or “Every Day Carry” means the stuff you carry with you every day. Designed for light cutting tasks such as stripping wires or opening boxes the 2.5-inch stainless steel drop point blade folds into a rubberized handle that provides a secure grip. The top edge of the blade also features a built-in bottle opener. The G-Slip is a non-locking slipjoint knife, designed by Polish knifemaker Ostap Hel and manufactured by Real Steel in China. Made in the USA, the Paramilitary 2 features a G-10 handle with a four-way pocket clip and distinct back-mounted liner lock for increased security and safety when in use. At only 2.625-inches long when closed you’ll still have space for the rest of your pocket gear, with room to spare. Big savings. The Boker Plus Lancer knife is an EDC knife with clean, simple lines, designed for the purists. The tip-up carry style features a reversible clip mount and lanyard hole for multiple carry options, perfect for hunters, campers, and adventurers. Need a non-locking everyday carry knife? £14.95 £19.95 In Stock. Consequently a lot of people want their legal pocket knife to not only function properly, but to be a 'work of art' and will choose a handmade knife. ... Whitby KENT EDC Pocket Knife (2.25") - Black Pakkawood Whitby Knives. With no exposed metal when closed the Tech Skin Pocket Knife eliminates scratches to your phone or other valuables. To keep things moving smoothly it comes with Flavio’s IKBS ball bearing pivot deployment system and patented normal liner lock for added safety. That’s why at 3.4-inches when closed, the Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife is the perfect example of an EDC knife. Add to Basket. The two G10 scales finished in olive green give the Lancer a low profile look but offer superior grip. No knife has ever combined such a lightweight package with excellent ergos and premium blade steel. The founder of Reate Knives is a long-term knife enthusiast, and with his background in mechanical design and manufacturing, this has enabled the brand to carve out a loyal following amongst other devotees. Instead, a single sheet of stainless steel is folded in half to form the blades housing to provide immense strength and rigidity, in addition to Cold Steel’s Ram Safe lock. Sanrenmu M1 Non-Locking Folding Knife Review Tactical X-Rays. The opening and locking mechanism of an EDC knife prevent it from mistakenly closing in on your hand. Rapid blade deployment is another key option to consider when choosing an EDC knife. The entire knife is 7.87 inches long while the blade itself is 3.40 inches, and yet, it manages to weigh no more than 2.9 ounces.. Californian gear manufacturer Civilware is known for creating beautifully crafted hatchets and knives, designed for a lifetime of use. We have deliberately made the folding mechanism a little stiffer than other folders simply because we feel that a non locking knife isn’t as safe as a locking one, but we are also aware that there is a need for edc knives and therefore we feel that this will be less likely to accidently snap shut on your fingers. 3.63" closed. This knife is a good size with a handle of 4.25″ and an overall length of 7.00″. Designed by Rick Hinderer, the 0566 is an unyielding EDC knife with a 3.25-inch CPM S35VN steel blade with a stonewash finish, making it non-reflective and undeniably better-looking. Knife laws vary by region, so be sure to look up your local legislation to help you narrow down your search. Made from Stainless steel and coated with a shiny rainbow coating. The blade has an assisted opening mechanism, which makes for a quick, one-handed blade deployment. Featuring a 2.85-inch AUS8 steel spear point blade, the DTP knife is sturdy, compact, and pocket-friendly for easy carry. 8 also comes with a rugged synthetic leather sheath with a carabiner clip to attach to your belt or day pack and at just $15 this is one of the best EDC knives on this list. Bobsop's vision: To provide thorough and comprehensive product guides. The BlizeTec Tactical Pocket Knife is the one “high tech” looking creation among our EDC knives. Columbia River Knife and Tool, CRKT for short, are known for their reliable, innovative products. This KnifeCenter-exclusive version features grippy Micarta scales, a deep carry wire pocket clip, a three-and-a-half inch VG-10 steel blade, and comes in at just under $64.

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