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Premium Grade Hardwood Decking, Teak Decking and Siding, Monkey Pod Decking, Siding and Slabs and Accessories from Finest Brazilian Decking. The species Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) is one our our top 3 product choices. It expands and contracts 25% less than other PVC decking, providing a more consistent, uniform board. Cumaru decking varies in color from reddish brown to yellowish brown often within the same piece of decking wood. Brazilian Teak, also commonly known as Cumaru, is a type of wood that is frequently used for flooring and furniture making. Brazilian 3d Teak Mosaic SPC means Stone and Plastic Composite, the latest technology in Luxury Flooring. Cumaru Decking known as Brazilian teak is considered as one of the densest woods which is very durable, and ideal for deck building. £125 . Duradeck structures are strong and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather and can be custom manufactured to dimensions and to project requirements. Probably the most popularly known hardwood, teak is considered to be the ultimate marine resistant wood. If you need help with conversions, please try our Decking Calculator - Convert square feet to linear feet. Check out … It usually comes in two variants: yellow and red Cumaru used for decking and commercial application. Also known as Brazilian Teak, this species is a hardwood that ranks towards the top of the Janka scale. *** Are you looking for Solid Teak Furniture? Click to view photos. However, Cumaru does come with some instabilities, and it tends to shrink. TIGERWOOD IN STOCK; 1X6, 5/4X6 and Dimensional Lumber all in stock now! Cumaru can be obtained at about 2/3 the cost of Ipe. Cumaru Wood Lumber is a very hard, dense South American hardwood known for Cumaru exterior decking and interior hardwood flooring, where it is typically referred to as Brazilian Teak, Golden Teak or Southern Chestnut. Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak or Golden Teak, is a naturally durable Brazilian timber with a density similar to Ipe. In its natural form, this wood has gold and red hues that can run from a reddish-brown to golden. It is a great substitute for Ipe, having nearly the same mechanical properties — the tones are a bit lighter than ipe. Cumaru, Brazilian Teak . Duradeck hardwood timber is ideal for a wide variety of timber structures, especially decking. Retail Brazilian Hardwood Decking at Wholesale Prices. Brazilian Teak is rated as easy to air-season with a slight tendency to check and with moderate warping; drying was uniformly rapid. It is very dense, which is why it is ideal for exterior use as it is mildew and decay resistant. Teak is used for shipbuilding because it is able to ward off dry rot. All Products (11) Elemental Exotic Flooring (4) Cumaru Decking (4) Color. It is an extremely durable wood that is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and insects. Cumaru Wood Decking (Brazilian Teak): Also known as: Brazilian Teak, Dipteryx Odorata, Almendrillo, Southern Chestnut || Origin: South America || Janka Hardness Rating: 3,200 lbs. Probably the most popularly known hardwood, teak is considered to be the ultimate marine resistant wood. The tiles feature an interlocking base that allows you to simply snap them together. Details. It has a consistent golden-brown colour and is resistant to rot, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications. Notify me. Teak - weathered 6 months Call us today for your supply of exotic Brazilian hardwoods, North American cedars/cypress, many accessories and a variety of railings for your new outdoor deck or living space. This deceptive branding has been used to sell more Cumaru. In its natural form, this wood has gold and red hues that can run from a reddish-brown to golden. Brazilian Teak vs Brazilian Walnut . Darker pieces may exhibit some black striping, which adds to its unique character. It is well suited for elegant interiors, residential as well as commercial. 1-877-203-2004 Call for pricing and availability. Featuring random lengths 8 - 18ft, with 50% 12ft or greater, unfinished, pre-grooved, solid, air dried, E4E, S4S, Teak decking, Featuring random lengths 8 - 18ft, with 50% 12ft or greater, unfinished, (eased-edge), solid, air dried, E4E, S4S, Teak decking. This Brazilian species is like Ipe making it difficult for less trained eye to differentiate. Teak, both Beautiful and Durable. Shipping this lumber requires special attention to engineer every crate according to the specifications of the shipment so that the hardwood lumber arrives in excellent condition. Premium Decking Products is one of the top providers of premium, high-quality hardwood decking. Advantages. Brazilian Teak Hardwood Decking. Like what you see above? The color and the finer woodgraining of Ipe decking is the reason why Ipe is sometimes called or known as "Brazilian Walnut". Architects and discerning homeowners utilize Cumaru in many ways but most commonly as decking or siding. ABS WOOD has a vast collection of environmentally certified Brazilian hardwood decking available in the United States. Ipe refers to not one, but seven different tree species within the genus Tabebuia, all of which are native to Central and South America. Its colour blends from rich, golden tan to reddish-brown and the graining is most distinct. It can be used outside for decking, as well. We'll notify you as soon as ${} becomes available again. Cumaru is an extremely strong and dense choice for hardwood decking. With outstanding durability and hardness, Brazilian Teak is starting to become a favorite hardwood among designers and architects quickly. Uses Outdoor Decking, flooring, cogs and shafts, heavy construction, barge and dock fenders, railroad crossties, pulp mill equipment, tool handles, bearings, turnery. Cumaru (Brazilian teak) This tropical is from the super popular large tree that is famous for its durability. The tiles feature an interlocking base that allows you to simply snap them together. Basically, the Cumaru deck will last twice as long as the average pressure treated wood deck. Brazilian Teak or Cumaru has numerous tropical wood properties like being hard, resistant, strong and stiff, thereby making it an exotic Brazilian hardwood. It is renowned for its distinctive grains with a vivid, golden brown to brownish-red colour. Each board of premium-grade Cumaru is also naturally resistant to … Brazilian Teak decking supplier contact and quote form. These photos were taken of a dock using our Teak Decking. Two kinds of Cumaru can be seen in the market; Yellow Cumaru and Red Cumaru – the Red Cumaru is mostly used for decking jobs. The Rainaway Decking design provides excellent ventilation. The tree is indigenous to South America, specifically Brazil, which is clear from one of its many names. Get a free decking estimate on Brazilian decking. All brazilian teak decking wholesalers & brazilian teak decking manufacturers come from members. Email address. Janka Hardness Rating: 3,540 lbs (1,606 kg.) The Cumaru “heartwood tends to be a medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or purplish hue; some pieces may have streaks of yellowish or greenish brown.” The interlockin… About 1% of these are Engineered Flooring. These woods include teak and shorea. Learn about Brazilian Teak or Cumaru as it is often called and start taking advantage of using this tropical hardwood for your next project. Thanks for your details. Brazilian Teak is a very hard and durable exotic wood with a striking appearance. When people think about hardwood decking, one of the first woods that comes to mind tends to be teak. FSC Logo and Phrases © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C. 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