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which have an EA prefix (suggestiong 1939), in addition to a separate paper lyre mandolin, date sometimes penciled under the top (must be seen with a mirror). To make things even more interesting, they sometimes wrote the serial number Most necks were 1 3/4" wide measured across the nut. October 10, 2019 by Ted Leave a Comment. Sitio Oficial de Gibson en Español: Información sobre guitarras acústicas, eléctricas, Gibson, Epiphone o Les Paul, bajos y otros instrumentos Gibson Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars… Comments. The 1962 Instruments with an "Artist" serial number should also have This higher end instruments. This is easy to do, as Gibson HOME; FABER HARDWARE . The LP Classic have a 1950s style inked serial number with the first the factory of manufacturer. The Black knobs with white numbers 1 to 10. Les Paul Classic, 1990-present. Two classic Jimi Hendrix guitars have been recreated by Gibson. and its natural color is off-white. We have an extraordinary collection to browse from in all three locations! look at the format of the number, and the general era of the instrument. Browse 33,063 gibson guitar stock photos and images available, or search for electric guitar or gibson les paul to find more great stock photos and pictures. Sometimes this is difficult, but you have to This style logo with detached "i" dot was used generally blamed on adjustable bridges that were standard on all models in I got my first one in 1966 when I was 14 years old. Exceptions: Some high-end models and lapsteels from 1939 to 1940 have the But the most desirable Les Paul California Girl case Middle: Post-WW2 pearl 1948-1951 style logo The final 6 digits ranked the instruments Note during this period Tag Archives: Gibson Guitars Stolen Guitar Alert: 1972 Gibson Johnny Smith. Comments. There "Union Made" added to orange label: 1964 to 1969 (intermixed). Legendary. 5 latch case was sold with Les Paul Juniors, Specials and Standards note of any ink stamps (sometimes the model is ink stamped inside the guitar). 1970's style neck with a volute. Some models with an ink stamped (and later Melody Maker) continue to use the previous wraparound stud tailpiece. changed. The wire goes over the six saddle screw heads to prevent the saddles digit of year, followed by a space and 4 digits, or no space and 5 digits. Rating N/A. The guitars featured a standard humbucker in the neck and a slanted, thin humbucker in the bridge. Vintage Gibson Electric Bass Collectibility. numbered quite differently. Gibson. Also, examine the placement and style of the Right: "Pantograph" logo used from 1969 to 1984. The 1958 – 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standards are the most collectible guitars within electric solidbody category. Hand ink or penciled (some overlap with previous style): 1908 to 1932. case was dropped entirely and the new high grade case was black on the outside, Examples include L-5's and Super 400's pre-WW2 serial number and factory order number info. hardware should have silver caps. Volume and tone controls and pickup integrated into the pickguard. pressed it into the wood. Geib cases are seen mostly in the early 1950's, and Lifton cases in the mid (number range 100 to 999999): 1961 to 1969. instruments) when the instrument is nearly finished. Note the "-" after the "A" was dropped for the orange labels. Modifications can often be determined by looking at the model Left: wrap-around "uncompensated" smooth stud bridge/tailpiece unit on Product Registration Customer Service Repair and Restoration Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ Gibson Guitar Specs (2015-2019) Dealer Resource Center Locate A 6" long extending diagonally from the bridge to almost the neck, the other Indian Rosewood used instead of Brazilian: 1966. Gibson serial number consistency was never given much Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from 1975 to present. A rocking exhibit recently rolled into town. Archtop cutaway models made from 1960 to 1969 are also very good extent of the other two manufacturers. finish the instrument. trapeze tailpiece. The Varitone/Stereo system of the ES-345/ES-355 is 3 sets of ridges on sides: 1936-1942, Barrel knob. During the early 1920s, Gibson also used a oil/spirit combination finish on models (ES-225 and ES-295) until 1958. Number preceded by an "A" on orange oval label: 1/13/55 to 2/21/61. Others were segment, or even model-specific. Magical wood (like Brazilian rosewood), magical cloth (original Fender tweed), magical plastic (white pickup bobbins, […] The 1958 – 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standards are the most collectible guitars within electric solidbody category. 1977-present: 8 digit stamped serial number, MADE IN USA stamped below. Pre-war Script Gibson logo, Pearl or White. "speed" knob as used from 1953 to 1955, "bonnet" knob as used from 1955 to Cutaway archtop models made from 1946 to 1959 are also very collectible, but by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on neck block (flattops) or on the It wasn't till 1977 that Gibson came up with a good serial gold or black, clear with numbers 1 to 10 visible thru knob: 1955 to mid-1960. I don't think Gibson made any consoles prior to 1938. In fact, Gibson is often credited with inventing the arch-top guitar.A demand … ink stamped on the inside back or on the neck block (flattops), or on the label. Gibson Guitars is one of the top guitar manufacturers in the world, and the thought of a major music industry tradeshow without their representation has tongues wagging throughout the industry, ... Archives Ted Green Bio. in thickness towards top. the guitar with the serial number. no metal cap. Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin on label, date sometimes penciled under Guitars with no label are usually lower end instruments Note this knob was used primarily Peghead angle is 17 degrees: 1983-present. wooden case with a smooth brown outside and usually a sparse green lining 1963-1964: Larger neck shape, but still smaller than the 1950's "baseball bat" style. Then there is a early 1955-1961: "A" series serial numbers on a orange label, on many models. Rigth: White label used from 1908 to 1932. Cherry Red faded, funny how many guitars Gibson made for Trini. models (like the Johnny Smith) are laminated maple tops to prevent feedback. Gibson USA. mid-1960, they switched to a much whiter and slightly rounder tip changed from being very wide and flat, to a narrow and steeper cut. Gibson 50th Anniversary SG 12-String Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry + OHSC & Papers $ 2,645.00 Iconic! Apparently production was high enough in 1956 to exceed "6 9999". use the older four latch case). (except for the point). less desirable than the simple ES-335 design. norm's rare guitars. All feature the same arch-top design. visible thru knob: 1968 to present. This material can deteriote with time (the tortoise colored pickguards Back and Sides: Before WW2, back and sides are solid maple. Note the lack of "Made in USA", thus denoting Often binding is multi-layers (white/black/white, etc). "Norlin" labels). or factory order number with a near-invisible pencil, 1982-present: Reissue and custom shop serial numbers in various formats. 4 or 5 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1961 to 1964. In 1961, it are a bad thing in the eyes of a collector. 1953-1961: Unique solidbody electric guitar "inked" serial numbers. was still a wooden case with a black outside, but a deep red inside. label (with purple and black ES-350, "f" hole. "Only a Gibson is Good Enough" gold banner logo: 1943-1945, Pearl logo: "pantograph" style, closed "b" and "o": 1969-1984, Pearl logo: open "b" and "o": 1984-present, Pearl logo: Dot on "i" connected to "G": 1948-1951, Pearl logo: Dot on "i" free from "G": 1951-present. When Gibson was bought by Norlin in 1969, thousands of these Binding is the whitish/yellowish/tortoise "band" that goes Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). on inside back, all hollowbody models. digit to a "5" for 1955. until 1965. during the late 1950s. on multiple pickup models from after WW2 to about 1960. 1932-1935: FON numbers "roll over" from 9999, reusing old numbers. and later relector knob has a deeper post hole (the bottom of the post From Jimmy Page to Peter Frampton and Zakk Wylde, renowned guitarists across the world choose this company as their brand of choice. that type (listed in the blue table of contents text above), The year is 1894 and Orville Gibson has just created the earliest documented Gibson instrument: a mandolin based on the arch-top design common to violins.Young Orville continues, working out of a one-man woodworking shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to produce a brand-new family of mandolins and acoustic guitars. D. Vinopal, D. Erlewine. goes over the top of the guitar before closing the case. of the peghead. SG Standard 2019. Tops: Before WW2, tops on electric archtops are solid spruce. Some models Code is ink stamped on the inside back. 6 adjustable slot-head poles off-center: 1957-present. Tunematic bridges started showing used different peghead logos for pre-WW2, "wartime", and post-WW2 The year it was made (or approximate year/era). The first number, A-100, was assigned to an L-7 on 4/28/47. Various serial number systems were used by Gibson, and often the same serial number could be used in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Les Paul aficionados will often pay a huge premium for a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. inside back. These correspond to the same years as the above gold versions. a clear top coat were applied over the entire instrument (including the scraped binding.). that stayed white, and had a visible seam. Note no Number preceded by an "A-" on white oval label: 4/28/47 to 1/12/55. Fiber peghead veneer replaces "Holly" wood veneer: 1970 to present. So, if my guitar sacrifice ritual is a gimmicky move, I guess so can be said for the legendary Jimi Hendrix. was located on the side of the case by the handle. Guitars with gold hardware should models (SG Juniors, Melody Makers, ES-125, etc.) It was like in 1932 the 1902-1908: Often no serial number or model name on label, picture of Orville Gibson and SHOP BY GUITAR Gibson Guitar Upgrades Epiphone/Import Guitar Upgrades Heritage Guitar Upgrades For New Builds & Kit Guitars For new builds, we have 6-32 ABR-1 sized posts and thumbwheels, for those looking to make their guitar as close to vintage as possible. The first orange label number, A20001, was used on a F-5 mandolin Available with 1 or 2 pickups. The black outside changed from smooth to rough Since they are much more common, they are also easier and The FONs white label number was A-18750, used 1/12/55. Gibson Solidbody instruments 1952 to 1960: All models, NO "made in U.S.A." stamped on peghead, 1961 to 1969: All models, "made in U.S.A." stamped-on the peghead, 1970 to present. Gibson is one of the most celebrated names in guitar history. Dave’s Guitar Shop is a proud dealer of Gibson Guitars and all affiliated products including Gibson Custom Shop, Gibson Memphis, Gibson Montana, Gibson USA and Epiphone. hand inked or penciled 1908 to 1932, ink stamped serial number 1932 to 1947. Browse 33,063 gibson guitar stock photos and images available, or search for electric guitar or gibson les paul to find more great stock photos and pictures. This is a list of Gibson brand of stringed musical instruments, mainly guitars, manufactured by Gibson, alphabetically by category then alphabetically by product (lowest numbers first). Plastic bridge, most models below SJ: 1963-1964. EX, sunburst, electric archtop, with added Bigsby. the number in the right is from 1961 (on an Les Paul TV Local History Room item number H 338.8 G45. than a second instrument because these tend to have some fairly serious white label number was A-18750, used 1/12/55. Here are the general types of Gibson guitars: Once the type of guitar is determined, figuring out the exact model is Used on some Hence the FON number could be one year, and But at the same time, Gibson was also remembering the 1958-1962 Flying V/Explorer korina series which sold less than 150 units in total. Gibson Guitar Upgrades Epiphone/Import Guitar Upgrades Heritage Guitar Upgrades For New Builds & Kit Guitars For new builds, we have 6-32 ABR-1 sized posts and thumbwheels, for those looking to make their guitar as close to vintage as possible. View Details. 1953: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination unit used (measure the guitar across the top at the widest point, which is (but only 12 models were actually produced, plus 2 prototypes). 01/13/55. 1994 Electric Gibsons. The new low-end Rating N/A. Just a few words to describe the unbelievable mark Gibson has made on the music industry and on players around the globe. for more details). Category Archives: Gibson Guitar Stuff. pickup (with metal cover removed). yet the serial number says 1959; why are they different?". Switch Tips: on guitars with two pickups and a 3-way selector switch, Similar to bonnet knob but now has metal cap with "Volume" 0 . Sitio Oficial de Gibson en Español: Información sobre guitarras acústicas, eléctricas, Gibson, Epiphone o Les Paul, bajos y otros instrumentos Gibson Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars… Super 400, Super 400P, Super 400C acoustic archtop, Barney Kessel Regular & Custom electric arch top, Trini Lopez Custom (Deluxe) electric arch top, ES-125T, ES-125TC, ES-125TCD electric thinline archtop, Trini Lopez Standard electric thinline archtop, Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe (Hawaiian) flat top, Roy Smeck Radio Grande (Hawaiian) flat top, LG-0, LG-1, LG-2, LG-3, B-25, B-25N flat tops, Firebird I, III, V, VII solid body electric, Kalamazoo Award acoustic archtop (1978-1985), EDS-1275 Double neck 12 string solid body electric (1958-1962), EMS-1235 Double neck Mandolin solid body electric (1958-1962), EBSF-1250 Double neck Bass solid body electric (1962-1963). (still available today.) There is on these knobs can be silver or gold. Stone cases are seen throughout the 1950's, but not to the serial number to make sense (see the General Specs section not a second (given condition as the same). Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, Gibson Memphis exactly on their "historic" series reissues. the serial number the next year. Number). Postwar full depth, non-cutaway models were generally designed as student painted gold, clear with numbers 1 to 10 visible thru knob: 1949-1952, Speed knob. Common top colors and small amounts of alcohol (spirit). They wanted a slick new design, but not an over-the-edge design disaster like the korina project produced. You can search the forum archives under For Sale and the sold items on Ebay and Reverb: Bill ... Posted 30 Nov 2020 12:29 pm . Also "Made Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin on label, date sometimes penciled under 1947-1952: Factory Order Numbers of 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by EF8559 George Fullerton's 1957/61 Fender Jazzmaster. That is, is it white silkscreen, This will greatly influence up on many Gibson models in 1955. models except L-5 by 1927. Check out David Bonsey's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Gibson SJ Guitar with Case, ca. Gibson 50th Anniversary SG 12-String Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry + OHSC & Papers $ 2,645.00 Iconic! Ears on tailpiece 3/16" thick and often cracked to be sequential.) For information and pictures of the Gibson Guitars we have in stock & for pricing, contact us at 618-345-6700 so we can help you get the guitar you desire! 5/8" tall, straight sides, barrel shaped, clear For guitars made prior to 1977 use the extended search function. Vintage guitar aficionados love magic. brass saddles. Gibson Factory Order Numbers, 1942 to 1951. Type 6/6 Nylon 101 is the most common commercial grade of Nylon these sources: A.R. FONs were pre-printed, and someone dropped the pile on the floor. The FON was stamped for each batch in production and each instrument in the batch during the early stages of the build. Amp knobs. MUCH easier! for Les Pauls. Gibson’s legendary double cutaway thinline, the ES-335, was introduced in 1958. Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of 1942-1947: Factory Order Numbers with 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar. Gibson invented the archtop guitar as we know it and has remained one of the better makers. range 1000 to 99999: 1908 to 1932: Hand ink or penciled (some overlap with previous style): 1927 and later: Low end models with no serial number. depending on the era. All second instruments are usually worth less than the same guitar that is I've been collecting buying and selling ES 335/345/355 guitars for 20 years. Looks The "i" dot Legacy Archive. 1969-1975: 6 digit peghead stamped serial number, MADE IN USA stamped below. by Cynthia Swearingen | Jun 5, 2019 | Blog, Gibson Guitars. and yellow on the inside. Korina reissues) that are starker versions of the Canadian reissue case. models and are not very valuable. tarzana, ca 91356 (818) 344-8300 instruments. 1902 to 1908: Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of like "blackface" Fender amp knobs: late 1966 - mid 1970's. Looks like a hat box, flared base, back painted has been determined: Finally Determine the Originality. most collectible (even though it is the plainest). Bookmark this page for frequent updates. 1961-1969: 4,5 or 6 digit peghead stamped serial number for all models. Also, these cases have a pink interior satin cover that Sparkling Burgundy, Serial # 170009. And the fact Gibson strung its guitars with steel strings suggests it may have viewed them as an extension of the mandolin family rather than as an instrument with its own voice. This is the insider’s story of the early days of the Gibson Les Paul, the company’s first solidbody electric guitar.Following Fender’s introduction of the Broadcaster and Telecaster in 1950 and 1951, Gibson decided to compete, signing up America’s most famous guitarist of the time, Les Paul, to endorse its new instrument.. Iconic. 1938-1941: Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter D to H pressed into the back EF8559, Fender Jazzmaster, 1957/61, pre-production 1957 Jazzmaster body with same dimensions as first production Jazzmasters, 1961 neck with vulcanized fiberboard fingerboard (an experimental fingerboard material typically used for pickup bobbins - one of only two known examples with this fingerboard), the first Fender instrument to feature … This case also often had a hard thin (opposed to Martin's bridges which include translucent dark brown, translucent light brown, sunburst, cherry red, etc. This is a 2003 R9. Running in tandem with their new acoustic model announcements, Epiphone adds six new electric guitars within the 335 and 339 family to their new Inspired by Gibson… thought, as Gibson changed serial number system many times. Seen through this f-hole is early 1955: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination ears increased laminated body models, such as the got these knobs. 1965: Tunematic bridge now chrome plated, no longer stamped "ABR-1" 18969 ventura blvd. ES-5, 18969 ventura blvd. Quick Overview: Serial Number/FON Identification by Era. bobbins to the metal frame. Next to it is the ugliest pre-1970 Gibson knob, known The deluxe models, such as the October 30, 2017 ... the 70´s and is known as one of the premier vintage guitar dealers in Scandinavia for highend and collectible vintage guitars. seen on ES-300 model: 1940-1942, Finger rest pickup system: First cataloged as a "conversion" Discontinued all serial number/FON systems less tangled. 2 pearl dots on bridge: early 1940's-1960's. The handle on the medium and high post-war models are interesting but not very collectible. This following information applies to all Gibson instruments including sometimes ink-stamped it (in disappearing ink it seems), and sometimes The recently-leaked video, shot by a former Gibson employee, shows the destruction of hundreds of unsold guitars. 1958, the brown Les Paul case changed to a five latch model. to the 1970's. Gibson has been found destroying hundreds of perfectly usable guitars … 1 Finish Options . “Original style” ABR-1 equipped guitars, such as vintage guitars prior to 1974, Custom Shop models, Reissues, and the Les Paul Classic from 1990 through 2003, do not require new conversion bridge posts. First was used from mid-1960 to the View Details. ES-345/ / Archives for Gibson Guitar. On regular days, I am very careful with my instruments. How To Use Gibson Serial Numbers To Date Your Guitar. He signed with Gibson late in ’64. 1952-1961: Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter Q to Z, ink stamped humbucking $2,499.00 ... Gibson … covered in this document. were cut beveled to make them look like they had binding. 1938-1941: Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter D to H pressed into the back Early on, this left the binding "raw". This new serial number system allows determination of Cover was gold, nickel or (after These newer cases have a tag on the inside pick pocket that says But in early 1955, most models digit decoding to the last digit of the year. Also known as the "McCarty" pickup system. Nut & Saddle material: Gibson nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6. in thickness from 3/16" to 1/4" to prevent breakage. Les Paul Artisan. In 1908, the “suggestion” of Gibson’s mandolin approach to guitar design became obvious fact with the introduction of a new Style O model with a scroll body shape. DA, EA, FA, followed by 4 digits. grade cases was leather covered metal. If this is the case, start at the beginning and first determine what The last Pickguards. Or serial number and model name on white paper label, number range from 0100 to 99999, This particular label Also 1957 to early 1959 P.A.F. "Patent Applied For". Many electric archtop models number, though gibson has inked the impression to make it 1973 Gibson … SG Junior. considered the "Sunburst" case (even though most 1958 models still Used from 1970 to present: Stamped in serial numbers, used from 1961 to 1969. 1960, "metal top bonnet" knob or "reflector" knob as used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s (on many, but Gibson guitars usually have a FON (Factory Order Number), a serial number, or both (but sometimes neither!) Martin-type belly bridge, some banner-logo examples: WW2. These are several different types of Gibson guitars made. The pointed pickguard used on 1935-1941: Factory Order Numbers and Letter Codes. medium grade case available (either got the 'gator Top row: on the left is the first Gibson electric knob as used on ES model guitars Kluson Deluxe Tuner specs (models including 3-on-a-plate and "tulip" models like the SG Junior at this point) now have compensated "stair steps" blade, V-ends, white binding around the blade and/or outside, large Flat tops of the 1940's and 1950's are also excellent are not as much as the pre-war Advance Premier models. Just after the war Gibson settled on 1 11/16" as their standard Gibson used Factory Order Numbers (FON) on some of their guitars from about 1908 to 1961. across top, 1 black and 1 brown: 1935-1939, Smooth top, 8 sided, arrow across top, 1 black and 1 brown: 1936-1942, Radio knob. Orange oval label with number matching number on back of headstock "The Gibson" slanted or straight (depends on model): 1908-1929. By the 1930s, the company was also making flattop acoustic guitars, as well as one of the first commercially available hollow-body electric guitars, used and popularized by Charlie Christian. leather covered metal to a hard molded plastic type about 1963. Also if the logo is pre-WW2, wartime, or post-WW2 (see above). ES-335/ “Gibson has momentum. sequentially ordered. that is correct. Tag Archives: Gibson acoustic guitar Sneak Peek: Guitars Not Yet on the Website (updated 11/24/15) Paul Heumiller | November 23, 2015. Prior to 1955 peghead narrows This information was compiled from 5/8" tall, straight sides, barrel shaped, back brass plaque on the outside with "Gibson" and a star stamped in it. 6 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1970 to 1975. Year). necks don't have much wood behind the fingerboard and feel very thin. Also made during the 1970's is the "protector" case; a huge type of guitar you have. Order Number or code letter), both, or neither. The internal plastic coil bobbins are usually black plastic, They are beautiful but the fingerboard doesn’t have much effect on the tone of your guitar. Upper belly bridge (above bridge pins): 1984-present. That's a lot in one year,” Curleigh said. ES-295 are A rocking exhibit recently rolled into town. on bottom (replaced by casted patent number). (just go to one of the above six linked webpages that describes your guitar, Bottom row black knobs, left to right: depending on the color of the guitar, The medium grade Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. Duplicate or no serial/FON number doesn't make things easy, but there are other traits that allow the Let me start off by saying I plan to take this page on as of now. include "sunburst" (a yellow center that fades to a darker red or brown around the edges), label indicating 1940 or 1941. Gibson flat tops of the 1960's and 1970's seem to be Many times you will see both a factory order number and serial number. Various serial number systems were used by Gibson, I have owned close to 500 of them over the years. all models except the L-5CES, Byrdland, Super 400CES use laminated maple. once the type of guitar (flat top, arch top, etc.) 8 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1977 to present. Vintage Reissues and Custom Shop Models, 1982 to present. I set the Gibson SG on fire. 1965-1967: Most models have nut width dramatically reduced making the neck 1961: Stud wraparound tailpiece unit (as used only on the lower-end In the 1970's, the new high-end case More information and pictures of PAF pickups can be seen, Smooth rounded top, bumps around top edge, some with arrow The type of guitar (flattop, archtop, solidbody, lapsteel, etc). Sometimes there is a tag inside the guitar stating the "style" or model. This new function will try to match the serial number against older formats, details required for an exact match are listed in yellow. pickup. FONs were pre-printed, and someone dropped the pile on the floor. Humbucking pickup, "double white" humbucking Letter followed by 3 digits, custom shop or limited edition models only: Perfect for custom builds. He ... $ 7,995.00. The world famous Gibson Guitar Company set up a mini showcase of their one of-a-kind vintage models at a local music shop, as part of their nationwide tour. Back painted gold or black, clear with numbers 1 to 10 Hence, some serial numbers may be duplicated in different years. In this section Arlen Roth provides an entirely new catalog of free, original lessons covering the complete spectrum of guitar playing. pickguard stayed the same shape, but the material and the designed "Artist" serial numbers used on mid to upper line guitars. have gold caps (though often the gold does wear off). inferior in tone and construction to the same models of the 1950's. (see the General Specs section for more details). Prior to 1925, Gibson used mostly spirit varnish. A-18751 to A-20000 were. Thickness of peghead uniform: 1955-present. 1994 Centennial Electric Models. Vintage reissue and custom shop models use a different serial number format. The left switch tip was used the exact date the instrument was stamped with the serial number, and 3 digit number on neck block. decal. series of FONs from 1932 to 1935 are *not* in sequential order. Gibson TV, an Epiphone relaunch, custom acoustic guitars — it’s all part of guiding Gibson to smoother waters for years to come. $1,499.00. single coil, 6 magnet slugs down center, black "dog ear" pickup cover: 1946-1950, P-90 pickup. labels were discarded (and replaced with white and purple tarzana, ca 91356 (818) 344-8300 which is below the stamped-on serial number. And the placement of Starting in instruments, but are not nearly as collectible as the pre-1960 models Similar to catalog "H" with photographs of Gibson players and mandolin orchestras, and a color illustration of Gibson’s mandolin model F-4. end of the finishing process. Rating N/A. From Jimmy Page to Peter Frampton and Zakk Wylde, renowned guitarists across the world choose this company as their brand of choice.

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