isilon smb client list

Starts a MultiScan job with a priority of 8 and a high impact policy. isi job jobs modify 7 –priority 3 –policy medium. Resolution. Displays the most active, by throughput, clients accessing the cluster for each supported protocol. • OneFS real ACL: Under the default ACL policy, when a file or directory is created through SMB or when the synthetic ACL of a file or directory is modified through an NFSv4 or SMB client… Ensure that no drive firmware updates are currently in progress. OneFS supports the following SMB clients. Information about the parameters and options that can be used. if it can't find one, it will generate a number, starting at 10000. Causes HourlyBackup_07-15-2014_22.00 to expire on 1.30PM on July 25th, 2014. isilon-1# isi ndmp users create --name=commvaultndmp --password=[ENTER PASSWORD] isilon-1# isi ndmp users list isilon-1# isi ndmp settings global modify --dma=commvault --service=true isilon-1# isi ndmp settings global view The following CLI example creates a user and role, and adds the Backup and Restore privileges. Enables writes to the target directory of SmartLockSync. isi snapshot snapshots modify HourlyBackup_07-15-2014_22:00 \ –expires 2014-07-25T01:30. Displays a list of service principal names (SPNs) that are registered against a machine account. ABCDocs contains a file named Displays a tabular description of storage pool health. Love this page, use it all the time when I sysadmining Isilon. EMC Isilon further extends the benefits of its scale-out NAS solutions in archival storage with new support for 4 terabyte drive technology available immediately worldwide. Eeletes dailySync from the source cluster. Restores the maximum export file size to the system default. OneFS includes a configurable SMB service to create and manage SMB shares. Specifies SmartConnect DNS aliases in ProdPool1 under subnetX and ProdGroupNet. Deletes the specified directory-type quota. SMB shares provide Windows clients network access to file system resources on the cluster. Schedules the MediaScan job to run every Saturday morning. View the result of this operation of the CloudPool that you created. isi storagepool settings modify –ssd-l3-cache-default-enabled yes. Displays the properties of an MIT Kerberos domain mapping. Provides information on an alias in the access zone, hqhome, including the health of the alias. Impacted functionality. isi nfs exports list, smitty NFS –> Network File System (NFS) –> Add a Directory to Exports List. Assess the amount of disk space you will save by deduplicating a directory. isilon looks up the conversion from its mapping db. Displays a list of data drives in a node. Activates a wizard on unconfigured nodes. Deletes a policy called HolidayVirusScan. E.g. Cluster node and drive health, storage data sizes, ip addresses, throughput, critical events and job status. Clients connecting to DevZone must be identified through the Kerberos authentication method. Otherwise, OneFS creates an ACL from the combined file and directory create mask and create mode settings. You can grant permissions to users and groups to carry out operations such as reading, isi snapshot snapshots create /ifs/data/media –name media-snap, isi snapshot snapshots delete OldSnapshot, isi snapshot schedules create hourly /ifs/data/media \. Displays a list of IP address ranges that can be assigned to nodes or both adds and removes IP ranges from that list. isi ndmp settings global modify –service=yes. isi worm domains modify /ifs/data/SmartLock/prod_dir \ –override-date 2014-06-01. This command targets /ifs/data/archive and /ifs/data/media for deduplication. isi network subnets modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX \ –add-dsr-addrs= isi network pools modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1 \ – To view a list of privileges for another user. isi antivirus policies delete HolidayVirusScan. Creates an antivirus policy that scans /ifs/data every Friday at 12.00 PM. How to troubleshoot EMC Control Center WLA Archive issues, Troubleshooting NAS Discovery issues on EMC Ionix Control Center (ECC), Using isi_vol_copy_vnx for Data Migration, Scripting a VNX to Isilon Data Migration with EMCopy and Perl, Diving in to Isilon SyncIQ and SnapshotIQ, Configuring an SSH connection to Isilon for Powershell, Gathering Isilon Support Data for Mitrend, Diving in to Isilon SyncIQ and SnapshotIQ Management - THE SAN GUY, EMC XTremIO CLI Reference Guide (XMSCLI) - THE SAN GUY, quota, notification creation and view | Eric's space, enterprise storage articles trending forecast, Login     Logout     Register     My Account[forum…, Login     Logout     Register     My Account[…, Posts | Forum | Privacy | Contact | About Download…, Storage Center OS 7.x CLI Reference Guide (SCOS), Adding, modifying and viewing an ACL in the Isilon OneFS CLI, NetApp Solidfire CLI Command Line Reference, Configuring a Brocade Switch for Access Gateway (AG) Mode, EMC ViPR Controller CLI Command Reference. Great resource !! Runs a mirror policy named dailySync_mirror immediately. Modifies ProdPool1 under Pnet1.subnetX to add ext-agg on node 1 and specify LACP as the aggregation mode. IQSPARE400-SATA IQSPARE400-SATA IQSPARE400-SATA- Isilon IQ 4800 Standard Spares Kit $3,302. See full list on wragg. isi antivirus settings modify –repair true –quarantine true. Displays information about a completed replication job that targeted the local cluster. isi job jobs start domainmark –root /ifs/data/media \ –dm-type SnapRevert. FTP and FTPS file transfers. First of list the current export settings and find the id of /ifs (usually it is at no.1 in the list) ... #isi smb shares list. Displays a list of internal network IP addresses that can be assigned to nodes or. Verify that no QuotaScan jobs are in progress. Modifies ProdGroupNet to enable DNS search on three suffixes. This issue does not occur if you disable the SMB2 protocol on the client or use a Windows SMB client, such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. View the current default export settings. /ifs directory is configured as an SMB share and is enabled by default. isi network pools create ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1 \ –access-zone=zoneB. As Mike told, you can use isi statistics to get some statistic type data. isi alert list. Updates the priority and impact policy of an active job. isi snapshot schedules view every-other-hour, Displays detailed information about the snapshot schedule every-other-hour, isi snapshot schedules modify WeeklySnapshot –alias LatestWeekly. I have absolutely horrible transfer speed on a new gigabit switch with DC Server 2012 R2 running Essentials. View a list of all snapshot aliases by running the following command. Displays a list of the members of a role. 1. isi antivirus policies modify HolidayVirusScan –enabled no. Deletes SMB sessions, filtered first by user then optionally by computer. Our main focus is customer satisfaction. Modifies the default NFS zone settings for the NFSv4 ID mapper. isi cloud settings regenerate-encryption-key –verbose, isi cloud recall [–recursive {yes | no}] [–verbose]. isi sync policies reset { | –all} [–verbose]. isi dedupe settings modify –paths /ifs/data/media,/ifs/data/archive. Renames a tier from PROD_ARCHIVE to ARCHIVE_TEST. View the default logging level of HDFS services events. 1. Displays a subreport about a completed replication job targeting the local cluster. isi filepool policies modify PERFORMANCE –apply-order 1. isi network subnets modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX \ –remove-dsr-addrs= isi snapshot locks create SnapshotApril2016 –expires 1M \ –comment “Maintenance Lock”. Sets the MTU to 1500, sets GW to, sets GW priority to 1. isi network subnets delete ProdGroupNet.subnetX, isi network subnets view ProdGroupNet.subnetX. Add or remove members from a local group. Displays a list of members that are associated with a group. Grant access to the /ifs/data/hadoop directory. Generates an spwd.db file in the /etc directory. View the default SMB share settings specific to an access zone. The isi network rules modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1.rule7 \ –node-type=backup-accelerator. Clients connecting to DevZone must be identified through the simple authentication method. Creates a SyncIQ domain for /ifs/data/source. specifies subnet0 as the a SmartConnect service subnet of ProdPool1 under subnetX and ProdGroupNet. isi snapshot aliases create latestWeekly Weekly-01-30-2017. Parana Impact provides you the Email List that you are exactly looking for. List of products that support the proprietary Server Message Block protocol of Microsoft.. Implementations. removes specified addresses from the list. Displays the properties of an audit topic. Displays the default NFSv4-related access zone settings. isi storagepool compatibilities ssd active create S200. Then DNS will give the requesting client the IP that Isilon gave to DNS. creates a compatibility between Isilon NL400 and NL410 nodes. This guide describes how the web administration interface provides access to cluster configuration, management, and monitoring functionality. View the details of a cluster with, or eligible for, write access to cloud data. This topic contains resources for getting answers to questions about products. Lists available file pool policy templates. IQSPARE250-SATA IQSPARE250-SATA IQSPARE250-SATA- Isilon IQ 3000 Standard Spares Kit $2,536. The SMB protocol uses security identifiers (SIDs) for authorization data. isi zone zones modify –add-auth-providers : isi zone zones modify DevZone –clear-auth-providers. Enables a secondary cluster, identified by GUID, to have write access to cloud data. ... Isilon network topology. isi cloud accounts create –name=c-acct1 –type=azure. isi antivirus policies modify HolidayVirusScan \ –schedule “Every Friday at 12:00 PM”. isi storagepool nodepools create PROJECT-TEST –lnns 1,2,3. isi job policies create MY_POLICY –impact medium –begin ‘Saturday 00:00’ –end ‘Sunday 23:59’. Modifies the default priority level and impact level for the MediaScan job type. isi filepool policies delete PROD_ARCHIVE. isi network pools view ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1. Lists all HDFS racks configured in the ProdZone access zone. Displays the status of a node’s batteries. Creates a manual mapping between a source identity and target identity. Creates a SmartQuotas email mapping rule. Delete one or more MIT Kerberos domain mappings. Archive specific files directly to the cloud. Deletes an SSD compatibility with an ID number of 1. isi storagepool compatibilities ssd active list. Displays a list of MIT Kerberos authentication providers. Sets the default retention period to one year. isi quota quotas modify /ifs/dir-1 user –linked=false –user=admin. Isilon 101 isilon stores both windows sid and unix uid/gid with each file. Sets the default logging level of HDFS services events. Displays the setting for how nodes are added to the current cluster. Adds OVT support for firmware added in Isilon Firmware Package 8.2. Opens a new prompt where node and cluster settings can be altered, only isi config commands are valid. View a list of CloudPools that have been created on your cluster. isi network pools modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1 –add-ifaces=1-3:ext-1. Modifies a policy called HolidayVirusScan to be run on Saturday at 12.00 PM. Modify IP address pools to update pool settings. … I can use the SMB client tool … to list the shares on an SMB server, … using the dash capital L option. Disables a performance rule with an ID of bw-0. Deletes an existing IP address range from the int-a internal network. Basiclaly the client tries connecting to the share using Kerberos, this will time out usually after 15-20 seconds and then fall back to NTLM. View the drive firmware status of all the nodes. Create an NFS alias to map a long directory path to a simple pathname. Generates a new master encryption key for data to be archived to the cloud. Creates an access zone named DevZone and sets the base directory to /ifs/hr/data. isi sync policies modify dailySync –schedule “”. Runs the Collect job with a stronger impact policy and a higher priority. Deletes a share named Share1 from the access zone named zone-5. You can use SMB file filtering to allow or deny file writes to a share or access zone. Displays or prints the kernel mapping database. Resets the policy interval settings to the base defaults. You can configure the rules and other settings that govern the interaction between your Windows network and individual SMB

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