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Product ports The table below lists the default ports used by ADAudit Plus. What does it do and how will it impact windows and Mac users ? I am going to steal a quote from the great Tim Wright: "It is entirely normal and expected to see multiple threads consuming 15, 20, 25% cpu at times. If the Device Miniport Driver can't accept any more IO because its queue or the hardware queues below it are saturated, we will start accumulating IO on the Port Driver Queue. Privileges have one of two forms: Action Allows a user to perform a specific action on a cluster. Download . If either of the above show some Ops where the Time Avg is high, its time to start looking at the DC as causing the delay. In my experience, several factors come into play for directory listings on a Mac: The worst possible situation for SMB on the Mac is in WAN environments. If you create a new share pointing to the /ifs/tmp directory and select "Do not change existing permissions", it will leave the permissions as: If you create a new share pointing to the /ifs/tmp directory and select "Apply Windows Default ACLs" the equivalent will be run against the directory: chmod -c dacl_auto_inherited,dacl_protected /ifs/tmp, chmod +a# 0 group Administrators allow dir_gen_all,object_inherit,container_inherit /ifs/tmp, chmod +a# 1 group creator_owner allow dir_gen_all,object_inherit,container_inherit,inherit_only /ifs/tmp, chmod +a# 2 group everyone allow dir_gen_read,dir_gen_execute /ifs/tmp, chmod +a# 3 group Users allow dir_gen_read,dir_gen_execute,object_inherit,container_inherit /ifs/tmp, chmod +a# 4 group Users allow std_synchronize,add_file,add_subdir,container_inherit /ifs/tmp, drwxrwxr-x +  2 root  wheel  0 Jul 17 07:46 /ifs/tmp, CONTROL:dacl_auto_inherited,dacl_protected, 0: group:Administrators allow dir_gen_all,object_inherit,container_inherit, 3: group:Users allow dir_gen_read,dir_gen_execute,object_inherit,container_inherit, 4: group:Users allow std_synchronize,add_file,add_subdir,container_inherit. Support . Verify the user is either directly in or is a group member of an entry in files system permission in step 4. From an Isilon Perspective, we have 4 ways to measure performance: 1.) Will this ever be resolved ? If this is the case, Windows clients might experience the following: from your experience quota size has no impact on how fast Finder displays directory content, it's all about how many objects (directories/files) are there ? Multi-protocol support in OneFS enables files and directories on the Isilon cluster to be accessed through SMB for Windows file sharing, NFS for UNIX file sharing, secure shell (SSH), FTP, and HTTP. Every Isilon OneFS installation comes with a cluster. Right, InsightIQ can be used for monitoring but not alerting; sorry about the confusion. Email Download Link . I    24May13   0:00.03 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0  20  0 sigwait, root  3311  20.0  0.1 130836 15688  ?? OneFS works with SMB 1, SMB 2, and SMB 2.1, as well as SMB 3.0 for Multichannel only. I am not familiar with your direct issue so I am going to speak to what we generally see. F800. Prometheus exporter for EMC Isilon. Privileges permit users to complete tasks on an EMC Isilon cluster. Microsoft's PortQryUI displays the status of ports on a computer, and can be installed and run on the machine in which ADAudit Plus is installed. The NL400 is currently the only product in EMC's Isilon NL-Series. An associated service running on the protocol specific port translates the commands/data into the appropriate action onto the underlying file system. The Isilon NL400 NAS platform from EMC Corp. is designed for near-line storage needs. Only you can determine which ports you need to allow depending on which services are needed cross-gateway. If you want to install more than one type of node in your Isilon cluster, see the requirements for mixed-node clusters in the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide. Is there a way to drop the inactive connections without affecting the active connections? While SMB1 and SMB2 use two different code paths, there technically should not be much difference between them as DFS works over IOCTL. Below is a table of Isilon port usage and the OneFS services that use them. Engineers tend to become concerned when they see it approaching 100% and become confused when it is over 100%. What process And services do you check in the ísilon ? 2.) Most of the time, when someone comes to me and says SMB is slow, I ask the following questions: 1.) From the sounds of it, since support has declared your issue fixed in a newer release, they are indicating it is a bug so an upgrade would be relevant. Peter, what is the maximum TCP timeout value for the smb idle connections to get dropped. Subscribe to to receive notifications of new posts by email. The Network. Each single Isilon node includes CPU, Memory, Networking, Disk Controllers and Storage media. You are looking for a small amount of Ops that cause a large amount of Out B/s. When creating the share, if you set "Do not change existing permissions" and then had the users attempt to save files there, they would get access denied because "Everyone" only gets Read access. The Isilon nodes. UK: 0800 028 6590. When I attended training, we were advised to do "Do not change existing permissions". The problem I am working on now is an odd one. The stat above does suggest that operations to nodes 1, 3 and 4 are showing signs of latency. Yeah, that would make sense as to why you are having problems with isi_netlogger. They have 700-800 Ops with a Time Avg of 150ms - 180ms. You could compare your smb sessions to the raw netstat output (also you have to remember that these counters are going to be a per node basis): For example when I look node 1 of my cluster, I see that I have two smb sessions that have been idle for a long time: Username                :ISI-ESS-EAST\sli, Username                :ISI-ESS-EAST\pete, tcp4       0      0     ESTABLISHED, tcp4       0      0   ESTABLISHED, tcp4       0      0 *.445                  *. Basically they want to look at tying down all un-needed ports. Once you have collected the data above, the process to resolve the permission problem is as follows: 1.) People used to set it to around 400 for SMB1 but if you do that for SMB2, you will lose compounded commands so it is best to capture the entire frame. The lwio process within OneFS is a multithreaded process but when you look at it with the default output of PS and Top, it looks single threaded. Isilon provides scale-out capacity for use as NFS and SMB CIFS shares within the VMware vSphere VMs. General troubleshooting concepts for SMB on an Isilon Cluster; Your host: Peter Abromitis has been in support for over 8 years and is specialized in the Windows Protocol area. 2.) When the IP gets moved, you need to re-authenticate. Outside of tracking down a SMB Performance issue due to disk, a couple other useful counters to look at are: isi statistics protocol  --nodes=all --protocols=smb1,smb2 --orderby=Out --classes=namespace_read --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded, isi-ess-east-1#   isi statistics protocol  --nodes=all --protocols=smb1,smb2 --orderby=Out --classes=namespace_read --interval 5 --repeat 12 --degraded, Ops    In   Out TimeAvg TimeStdDev Node Proto          Class               Op, 13.0  1.5K   44K   510.1     1331.5    1  smb2 namespace_read  query_directory, 227.9   25K   35K   226.6      791.0    3  smb2 namespace_read  query_directory, 60.1  6.9K   31K   400.1     3127.8    4  smb2 namespace_read  query_directory, 5.2 720.3  5.6K   822.5      293.8    1  smb1 namespace_read trans2:findfirst, 2.2 305.8  4.7K  6452.5    19478.9    3  smb1 namespace_read trans2:findfirst, 20.5  2.3K  4.3K  1158.9     6969.6    1  smb2 namespace_read  query_directory, 0.2  29.4  3.0K  1293.0        0.0    3  smb1 namespace_read  trans2:findnext. When the IP gets moved, you need to re-authenticate. Authenticatio uses Isilon session authentiation method. To provide an example, lets say that I have a user Pete who is unable to write to a share: isi-ess-east-1# isi auth mapping token --name=domain\\pete, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Primary user sid: pete (SID:S-1-5-21-321531391-2185564565-1823270536-1014), Primary group sid: SID:S-1-5-21-321531391-2185564565-1823270536-1000, unixusers (SID:S-1-5-21-321531391-2185564565-1823270536-1029), isi-ess-east-1# isi smb permission list --sharename=ITGroup, Account                    Acct Type  Perm Type  Permission, Everyone                   Builtin    Allow      Read          << Pete is a member of Everyone, staff                      Group      Allow      Full Control  << Pete is not a member of staff, 3.) ie they are not going through a firewall or wan accelerator. When in an Offline state, the client may or may not be able to authenticate depending on the the authentication mechanism they use. 3.) Even NFS can only help so much here. The above stat tells you if the clients are using SMB1 or SMB2 and what the overall latency looks like. When looking to run a tcp dump to troubleshoot an SMB collection between a client and an Isilon cluster I have always limited my collection to a specific client (ie tcpdump -s 0 -i host ". InsightIQ - This tool is a VM that sits on your network and collects data from you cluster and stores the data in a local database. And, making those changes to the client require that all clients get the change. OneFS storage architecture; Isilon node components; Internal and external networks; Isilon cluster. What has changed? By default, only the SMB and NFS protocols are enabled. I    24May13   0:02.60 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0  96  0 ucond. Wait for the domain to report offline, 5.) My cluster’s apache was also configured to listen on 8083 (Swift), 8082 (webhdfs-related). Great question, unfortunately the answer is, it depends. Series of this node (X, I, NL, etc.). The first thing I like to do is connect to Start -> Run ->  \\cluster (do not add a share to the end). Regardless of whether you write the data with SMB or NFS, you can analyze it with a Hadoop compute cluster through HDFS. Is that a bad idea,  since I am missing any other interactions which may or may not be relevant such as interactions between isilon and domain controllers? Isilon Configuration Build the cluster Add subsequent Isilon nodes Configure LACP to each node Configure SMB share Set up DNS for SmartConnect SmartConnect load balancing Multirack validation. Arguably a cluster is a group of nodes. A port is a virtual point through which programs running on di˜erent computers exchange data. We do not have an equivalent to smbd -V.  For smbstatus you can run the following: Is there a way to find out which share is connected to what file server(s). F810. SMB Security Guard Ransomware Defender SMB TCP 445 SMB2 only: TCP: appliance → Isilon/PowerScale : Ransomware Defender I did read this paper "docu45329_Using-Mac-OS-X-Clients-with-Isilon-OneFS-6.5" but we don't have SSD nodes and changing view in Finder did not do anything. After we have eased our concerns over CPU, the next place to look is the isi statistic commands so we can understand what kind of work the clients are doing. I    24May13 378:10.17 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0   4  0 kqread, root  3311  20.0  0.1 130836 15688  ?? Dell EMC Isilon X210 front view Dell EMC Isilon X210 rear view . You can then give the database to support who can pull it into their own InsightIQ system to extrapolate the data. SMB v3 support is expected to be released sometime later this year. The reality is, we are often troublehsooting while collecting packet traces and we are using them to narrow in on where the problem is. Samba UDP Ports. The 41XX series devices will not scan to the new Isilon via the SMB protocol. When it comes to performance, 99% of the time there is no silver bullet to fix the issue. Talk to an Isilon Sales Account Manager to identify the equipment best suited to support your workflow. Cause: There was a 32 work item queue introduced via a scheduler for handing SMB traffic in OneFS … -- If this works, you can almost always get away with filtering on just the client ip from a cluster side trace, because the problem is outside of authentication. Configure LACP to each node Thank you for your feedback! Permission cases make up about 25% of our overall case work. There are also ports for Cluster and client status (Port 1110 TCP for the former, and 1110 UDP for the latter) as well as a port for the NFS lock manager (Port 4045 TCP and UDP). Out-of-the-box, OneFS currently supports the following protocols: SMB (v1, v2, and v2.1), NFS (v2,v 3, v4), iSCSI, FTP, and HTTP. I will however provide some general pointers to troubleshooting a permission problem. In the end though, if you would like to terminate just those sessions, you can do so via: isi smb session delete --computer-name=, isi smb sessions delete --computer-name=. ps1 follow the instructions provided after the above to configure isilon !. Currently we have under 300 active connections, but over 5100 total connections. F810. Quota size, no. (ie client -> \\DFSServer\Share -> \\IsilonCluster\Share). *If* you see one or more threads that are consistently and constantly consuming 100% cpu, *then* you probably have a problem. -- If you are creating a new share for a new directory you will likely be changing permissions to the ACL to grant Windows users rights to perform operations. Privileges permit users to complete tasks on an EMC Isilon cluster. Dell has updated its Isilon scale-out filers with new PowerScale branding and products as well as S3 object access and a DataIQ data analytics feature. Privileges are associated with an area of cluster administration such as Job Engine, SMB, or statistics. This option is often mis-understood so I am glad you asked. log ) Grep the log for stalled drives on the isilon cluster for month of Sept. **It should be noted that all of the above are assuming your client has a direct form of connection to the cluster. The view being used in the Finder (Column view can be initially as fast any other view, but if Finder needs to start refreshing each column, it'll hold up displaying lower levels in the tree until the upper levels have finished their refresh.). I    24May13   7:43.44 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0   4  0 kqread, root  3311  0.0   0.1 130836 15688  ?? The above output shows the source of our problem, these poor sata disks are doing an average of 170 Ops (In and Out) and are struggling to keep up. Displays a summary of active, completed, and failed jobs. It also provides an authenticated inter-process communication mechanism. Two things tend to happen on a 10G interface when you don't use a capture filter: 1.) Pappu Shakib on Pure Storage data reduction re … Pappu Shakib on Dell’s MG on Storage Performance Benchmarki… katrinkunze on … Collecting packet traces is an art; you have to know enough about the problem in order to identify how to filter. Proxy login SMB 2 (only) 445: TCP: appliance → Isilon/PowerScale : All: Used to authenticate to AD through Isilon/PowerScale using standard Microsoft SMB authentication request for Role based login proxy interface. We have this documented in KB 89045. … One of the first places people look during an issue is PS or Top. If after 5 minutes no failure has been seen, stop the trace and start the process over again. Any way to improve OSX users experience when using Isilon via CIFS. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I    24May13   1:39.00 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0   4  0 kqread, root  3311  20.0  0.1 130836 15688  ?? CN: +86 400 660 8680. As the document describes, retrieving metadata faster from the Isilon is the best way to get the Finder to display objects more quickly. I    24May13 387:36.82 lw-container lwi     0  3171   0  96  0 ucond. The following ports connect the Converged System to the Converged Technology Extension for Isilon storage cabinet: 10 GbE uplink ports — Eight cross connections are used by default (which is also the maximum) for each switch. OneFS 7.1.1. will be the initial release of OneFS to allow MMC management so the use of this tool would require the latest OneFS version. -- If a user connects to a cluster and the client chooses to use NTLM for authentication, it will fail because in an Offline state we do not have a connection to a Domain Controller. Physical ports on Isilon nodes..... 36 Disable USB ports on Isilon nodes.....36 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 CONTENTS Isilon OneFS 8.2.x Security Configuration Guide Security Configuration Guide 3 isi – The Isilon command line interface. SMB continuous availability PowerScale OneFS 8.0 and later SMB continuous availability and witnessSMB continuous availability and witness SMB encryption PowerScale OneFS 8.1.1 and later SMB encryption 1.2 Networking In a scale-out NAS environment, the overall network architecture must be configured to maximize the user experience. Your email address will not be published. USER   PID %CPU %MEM   VSZ   RSS  TT  STAT STARTED      TIME COMMAND            UID  PPID CPU PRI NI MWCHAN, root  3311  110.0  0.1 130836 15688  ?? The lsassd service will stay in an Offline state for 5 Minutes at which point it will perform a new Domain Controller discovery and select a new DC. Isilon disk sizes are variable, the number of Isilon nodes can vary, RAM amounts have several options, and SSD configurations are varied. Page … As soon as TCP times out, the associated smb session will be cleaned up. There are also ports for Cluster and client status (Port 1110 TCP for the former, and 1110 UDP for the latter) as well as a port for the NFS lock manager (Port 4045 TCP and UDP). Start the packet traces (You will have to modify this command for the specific interfaces in your cluster (ie lagg0 may be em0) and you will also need to put your DC IPs in, isi_for_array 'tcpdump -s 0 -i lagg0 -w /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/DomainOfflineIssue/`hostname`.$(date +%m%d%Y_%H%M%S).lagg0.pcap -- host or host &', isi_for_array 'tcpdump -s 0 -i lagg1 -w /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/DomainOfflineIssue/`hostname`.$(date +%m%d%Y_%H%M%S).lagg1.pcap -- host or host &', isi_for_array -s 'isi auth log-level --set=debug', 4.) It appears that these models will not scan past SMB1. Isilon smb ports. Affected Services Port Service Protocol Connection Type FTP 20 ftp-data TCP, IPv4, IPv6 External, Outbound FTP 21 ftp TCP, IPv4, IPv6 External, Inbound SSH 22 … Continue reading Isilon Port Usage →

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