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UserTesting is a human insight platform that gives businesses a more in-depth look at the customer experience – via deep analytics, live surveys, and videos. That’s the definition of industry dominance, and it’s earned DocuSign a spot on this list. In 2008, only 12% of businesses used cloud-based apps. in a safe and secure online account. The topic of this article emerged as many our readers kept asking which review websites and SaaS directories would … Curious Thing is a unique SaaS provider that can make your company’s hiring easier. Out of thousands of SaaS apps, we’ve compiled an extensive list of 75 powerful SaaS solutions to grow your business. Website: Category: Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Machine Learning, Recruiting, SaaS Founder: Debra Tuck Founded: 2017 Funding: TalentHunter.AI has raised a total of £100K in funding over 1 round. It is a great tool for marketers, investors, analysts, and sales teams to understand their target companies better. Expect further growth and innovation to keep Amazon and IBM at arm’s length. This infers that the software sits on a SaaS company’s server while the user accesses it remotely. You can’t go wrong with one of the most trusted technology companies of all-time (and the world’s largest software company as of 2019). In a decade when everyone started publishing content online, Medium broke new ground and blazed its own territory as a content publishing hub. ZoomInfo is the kingpin in sales and marketing intelligence, offering the world’s most powerful platform for gaining company and individual contact data for sales and marketing outreach. It feels silly and reductive to even attempt a capsule writeup explaining Google’s impact on the SaaS world. Xactly is a sales performance management and incentive compensation company that offers accurate, rapid, and impactful performance management and analysis tools on a completely cloud-delivered platform. Part of the new frontier in customer messaging, Intercom is a worthy addition to this list. But every time, when someone asked about the list of SaaS Companies in Chennai, there was no listing available. He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Growth Everywhere, an entrepreneurial podcast where he dissects growth levers that help businesses scale. As of May 2019, 90% of Fortune 100 companies used Splunk to help machine-generated data analysis and search. It needs specialized servers to send and receive email messages, manage user credentials, filter spam, and on top of all that, apply software updates. Disclaimer: I work at Freshworks for Freshsales CRM but this list was put together with an intention to help the SaaS Community in Chennai. Tagalys is an online data-driven platform for merchandising eCommerce. US Department of Defense I bet you recognize some of the big players already – IBM’s Mainframes and microcomputers. Cloud content management is dead simple with Box, one of the first pioneers in online file sharing and cloud content management services. View Profile . The data-backed results can help you enhance or expand your business, or it can help eliminate any stumbling blocks you might be facing. Since our list is extensive, we have included a shorter one below. Chatvisor provides customer service solutions like co-browsing, live chat and chatbots, and customer experience analytics like session recordings, heatmaps and behavioral rules which can help you reduce bounce rates.Â, Website: Category: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Semantic Search Founder: Marko Lauhiala Founded: 2018 Funding: N/A. Data Partner. Website: Category: Human Resources, Information Technology, Software Founder: Amrit Acharya, Guruprakash Sivabalan Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A, Xobin is the most comprehensive software for building teams faster and smarter. Nextiva’s software is built for both small businesses and enterprises, making it infinitely scalable. List of Best SaaS Software. Square is a mobile payment solution that offers businesses the ability to get paid via debit and credit card payments, mobile devices, invoices, desktops, and websites. The company has grown to prominence by offering an online job and career community which enables employees and employers to find the most suitable job and talent for each posting. Their latest funding was raised on Aug 21, 2017, from a Series A round. The topic of this article emerged as many our readers kept asking which review websites and SaaS directories would be … G2 Crowd uses Grid® Scoring Technology, which establishes its scores of top companies and products on a scale of 0-100 based on user reviews, online sources, and social networks. Website: Category: Consulting, Information Technology, Security Founder: Tom McNamara Founded: 2018 Funding: N.A, Apex Security provides consultancy regarding GDPR compliances. The SaaS industry is forecast to generate $157 billion by 2022 and at least 100 SaaS companies are expected to top $1 billion in ARR. A favorite of graphic designers and developers, Basecamp is a highly-visual project management tool that offers a private, secure space online where people working together can organize and discuss various projects. The average value of the top 50 largest SaaS companies is $14.6 billion, but the median value is only $7.7 billion, thanks to a handful of huge companies at the top skewing the average upwards. This was a Seed round raised on Feb 4, 2019. Cvent is worth a look for anyone running event marketing, so give it a look. Maintaining a secure, scalable, and reliable email system required extensive efforts for IT administrators. Zapier is a tool that allows businesses to integrate tools and automate workflows. If you have never had the pleasure of using a G Suite product, do yourself a favor and give it a try ASAP. OneUp Sales has raised a total of £150K in funding over 1 round. Using, businesses can easily keep track of who is doing what, its progress, and the date of completion. ActivePipe has raised a total of $12.4M in funding over 4 rounds. See why everyone from developers to marketers love Evernote. So here is a list of all the SaaS companies in Chennai in Alphabetical Order. Website: Category: Building Maintenance, Machine Learning, Real Estate, Software Founder: Krishnamoorthi Rangasamy, Prabhu Ramachandran, Rajavel Subramanian, Yogendra Babu Founded: 2017 Funding: Facilio has raised a total of $6.4M in funding over 1 round. Foxintelligence gathers and anonymizes millions of online invoices received by customers whenever they make an online purchase and provide reliable insights to business owners.Â, Website: Category: Analytics, Customer Service, Enterprise Software, Messaging, SaaS, Sales, Video Chat Founder: Horst-Georg Fuchs, Markus Wagner, Mathias Holzinger Founded: 2018 Funding: N/A, This is a customer engagement oriented SaaS provider. When your team’s equipped with the right tools, they can spend more time where they are needed most — with the customer. This was a Seed round raised on Oct 21, 2019. In this breakdown, we include a company overview, CEO, and why it’s notable. Website: Category: Enterprise Software, Gamification, Productivity Tools Founder: Matt Bullock Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A. Known for its innovative AppExchange, Trailblazer online community, and annual Dreamforce conference, Salesforce set the path for what CRMs could be, and just celebrated its 21st birthday this month. Here we have compiled a list of SaaS companies who have redefined the way things work and will be worth looking out for in the upcoming year. A pioneer in the cloud infrastructure and IT management space, VMWare helps businesses securely access the apps and data they need, from anywhere. Troop Messenger is an office chat and instant messaging application that brings multiple features and functionalities to a single platform. The pioneers in social media automation are a favorite of small businesses and enterprise companies alike, offering everything you need to run multi-channel social media programs like a pro at a highly reasonable cost. Food Delivery companies like DoorDash and Postmates? 25 Best Examples of SaaS Companies that Are Rocking It. Subscription-based software companies have changed the way today’s businesses operate, and their contributions continue to be an integral part of the future. In terms of sheer volume, the number of users and companies relying on GitHub is staggering. The system provides recruitment, training, management, and collaboration solutions for all business sizes. SaaS 1000 See The 2020 Winners The World’s Fastest-Growing SAAS Companies Each year the SaaS 1000 highlights the top growing SaaS companies based on a proprietary algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators and the number of employees. An AI-based marketing planning platform for B2B SaaS vendors – InfiniGrow uses its AI-powered engine to analyze market data and your past marketing activities to provide you best data-driven actionable outcomes. provides teams with the tools necessary for creating effective collaboration and meeting deadlines. Fyle: Expense Tracking and Management Made Easy, Top 10 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy, Interview with Mr. Yashwanth Madhusudan, Co-Founder & CEO at Fyle Inc. Website: Category: CRM, Human Resources, Information Technology, Software Founder: David McKeague, Dr. Han Xu, Sam Zheng Founded: 2018 Funding: Curious Thing has raised a total of A$1.5M in funding over 1 round. Use Unbounce. Website: Category: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Sales, Software Founder: Thomas Rielly Founded: 2017 Funding: Triggr has raised a total of A$500K in funding over 2 rounds. Give the king of landing page builders a whirl and see what it can do for your conversion rates and your bottom line. BSFT BroadSoft, Inc. 4. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this list of high-margin SaaS stocks that are forecasted to exhibit some of the fastest growth in the coming year. Over time, they moved their servers offsite using specialized hosting from Microsoft, Amazon, and Rackspace. It is a tool that scans information added to it or via its add-ons to improve employees’ written skills and communication. This figure also includes businesses founded before 1998 that have transitioned to provide SaaS. GDPR is quite important for the countries in the European Union and it’s violation leads to huge fines. Top 40+ SaaS Companies & Providers to Watch Out For in 2020. Here's a detailed list of SaaS companies in Singapore with their ratings & profiles. With SaaS, companies can adopt new software solutions in a shorter amount of time at a much lower cost. Website: Category: Identity Management, SaaS Founder: Andreas Limberopoulos, Hugh Krantz, Nathan Merzvinskis Founded: 2015 Funding: Everproof has raised a total of $1.3M in funding over 2 rounds. If your business thrives on big data, you’ll love Tableau. 3. Since its founding at the turn of the previous decade, Square has been on a mission to make those two crucial components of business simple and – dare we say – even enjoyable. Ridesharing companies Lyft and Uber? In 2017, ServiceNow became the fastest-growing enterprise software company with more than $1B in revenue – no small feat considering who it was competing against. Not only this, but employers can also monitor their performances and give the required feedback. Nathan Latka keynote delivered in Dublin at SaaStock focuses on 8 steps founders must go through to g… Proud Stripe clients. The undisputed heavyweight champion of website development and online publishing, WordPress is an open-source web publishing software where users can create a website or blog, then supercharge it with dozens of plugins and themes. The makers of leading financial applications TurboTax, Quickbooks, and Mint have been setting the bar for financial software companies since their founding nearly 40 years ago. Previously, companies had one choice, Brightcove, but that was cost-prohibitive and difficult to use for most small businesses. You can read more about the Grid® Scoring Technology here. It offers easy management, distribution, and security for your company’s existing SaaS tools. This was a Seed round raised on Feb 22, 2019. He loves to advise and help people. Tech-focused Venture Capitalists can find a bevy of upcoming SaaS giants … if they know where to look. PipeCandy provides insights, research, predictions, and data about global eCommerce sectors. More than multi-factor authentication, Okta provides administrators fine-grained control employee and data security. Top list of SaaS companies. Therefore, organizations can experience private, secure, and seamless interactions across different departments. Designed for enterprises, Zuora offers applications that are designed to automate recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics. This list of companies and startups in Canada in the saas space provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that provides businesses with email, social media, and event marketing tools. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 13, 2019, from a Series D round. Plus, AirTable comes with a ton of awesome templates to kickstart your usage. In an ocean full of whales, Oracle remains a true kingpin, with decades of clout under its belt and one of the largest, oldest, and most loyal customer bases in all of SaaS. Disclaimer: I work at Freshworks for Freshsales CRM but this list was put together with an intention to help the SaaS Community in Chennai. Stop doing redundant, mindless, manual work. As an online event organizing solution for small businesses, Cvent offers users the ability to manage online guest registration, market their events, and process payments. Established leaders like Google and Microsoft offered ready-to-use email infrastructure (Gmail and Outlook, respectively) that required minimal resources to establish and maintain. Used across 175 countries, Shopify enjoys one of the most loyal and vocal customer bases on the planet. Posts on social media are then spread out and ready to go, with Buffer. accepts data from any source to build your dashboard. Zokri is one of the top SaaS companies providing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) system. There’s a 99.999% chance that you or someone you know has used an Intuit product in the last year. Startups such as GroupMe have been built on Twilio, making it a popular application for software developers and revenue leaders alike. The company spent the 2010s setting the standard for business intelligence tools, before becoming purchased by Salesforce at the end of the decade. The company has had an eventful 2010s, acquiring numerous high-growth companies in its space such as DoubleDutch, Social Tables, and more to create one of the most robust event management platforms on the market. Website: Category: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Data Visualization, FinTech, Machine Learning Founder: Natalie Nguyen, Sam Zheng Founded: 2016 Funding: Hyper Anna has raised a total of A$17.3M in funding over 2 rounds. 2019 Latka 100: List of Fastest Growing SaaS Companies Ranking the Top SaaS Companies by 2019 Revenue Growth ( Click to apply ) The 159 fastest growing SaaS companies in 2019 added collectively almost $1 billion in new annual recurring revenues (ARR) hitting $2.4 billion in December 2019 ARR run rate, up from $1.5b in December 2018. There are indeed thousands of them out there. This was a Venture – Series Unknown round raised on Jan 1, 2019. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music. The company’s innovative App marketplace and API integrations ensure maximum functionality and allow the platform to work seamlessly among your other platforms. If you know someone who works in graphic design or digital publishing, chances are, you know someone who relies on Adobe products to get their work done and shared with the world. AngelList has over 9700 SaaS start-ups in America listed with it (SaaS Startups). As one of the co-founders of Twitter, Williams has a deep appreciation for user-generated content. BI software is a class of computer applications that process and analyze corporate data to produce quality insights and help you understand the health of your business. ActivePipe Before Trello and Asana, there was JIRA. Here are the top SaaS companies in … Before SaaS solutions, businesses of all sizes faced a few common problems: startup costs, maintenance, and inflexibility. Established in 2014, CoSchedule has more than 9,000 customers and is utilized in more than 100 nations. Unlike traditional software, customers don’t need to create the infrastructure; they simply pay a fee to access the service often on a monthly or annual subscription for each user. Website: Category: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Network Security Founder: Paul Byrne, Steve Moyle Founded: 2017 Funding: N.A. The granddaddy of all email marketing platforms, MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that is used to send marketing emails and automated messages, as well as to create targeted campaigns. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices around the world, Marketo serves as a strategic partner to large enterprises and fast-growing startups across a variety of industries. In today’s app overload world, the impact of this simple premise is game-changing for data-driven companies. See why Zoom makes it easier to communicate with face-to-face conversations – give it a whirl for your business. The end result: Businesses have the freedom to arrange work and projects in ways that best suit their processes. But every time, when someone asked about the list of SaaS Companies in Chennai, there was no listing available. This is my personal list, in 2016, this portfolio gained 40%+. ActivePipe is an email marketing solution specially designed for real estate developers. Check more than 60 SaaS directories and review websites where you can list your business. The all-in-one hosting, sharing, and streaming video platform grew by leaps and bounds over the course of the 2010s, offering a fast, customizable, high-quality, and easily embeddable ad-free video player for businesses and individuals. The platform offers massive benefits for anyone working in graphic design, legal, finance, content marketing, or project management, allowing users to safely and securely share key documents without worry. A true giant in the business intelligence space, Tableau is a data visualization company that offers businesses the ability to see and analyze their most valuable asset, their data. The Chicago, Illinois-based company has built a sterling reputation based on ease-of-use and appeal to SMBs and startups operating with limited budget and personnel. Here’s a little company that you might have heard of. Over 20 years old and boasting over 24,000 employees, VMWare is a true leader in the virtualization software space. SaaS companies share revenue. What to look for in SaaS stocks. SaaS Mag announced their annual SaaS 1000 List – a ranking of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, and ChurnZero Ranks No. While Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce all turn healthy profits, many SaaS companies are unprofitable, so the standard price-to-earnings ratio doesn’t apply. Curious Thing has raised a total of A$1.5M in funding over 1 round. Most SaaS stocks are exciting, and all the SaaS stocks on this list are very exciting. This can be used to, measure the performance of any staff member, Analytics, B2B, Data Visualization, Information Technology, SaaS, Software. Website: Category: macOS, Subscription Service Founder: Oleksandr Kosovan Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 8, 2017, from a Seed round. The benefits of UserTesting are immense – using a variety of functions, businesses can locate areas of their customer experience that need improvement, execute changes, and track the results.

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