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Such discoveries occur for a reason. Click to hear a conversation* with Falstaff, We can now only rely on scholarly interpretation and literary intervention, which is fun and captivating indeed, but not the real deal. celebrated with a pot of beer, and as the church increasingly It was long ago. Actually, the younger Brooks, 49, completed each step of her degree path a little earlier than Bruchac, earning her BA from Goddard College in 1993, her MA from Boston College in 1998, and her PhD at Cornell in 2004. I remember Scott’s mother, bank-secretary May, sitting at the Frontier Pharmacy restaurant counter daily when I was a kid touring the streets of South Deerfield in the Sixties. Allis place to the Deerfield line.” Today, that description seems to have been conveniently extended some 200 feet south to Christian Lane by someone. Plus, Long Arm carved a discrete, tell-tale Marine anchor on the back to mark it as a modern creation. Still, unlikely as it may seem, it happened. If the discussion is dynamic, let it roam. On the open Dwyer Lot stood a roofed pavilion that hosted many a public cookout. The tree and grassy lane leading to it were on private property, and he was friends with the landowners. In the case of the Sugarloaf beaver, the culture hero punished an unruly, antisocial beast and left for eternity a petrified landmark in the form of its carcass. I should have known better, given his previous place of residence – that UMass bedroom community known to sarcastic Trump supporters as The Peoples’ Republic of Montague Center. next page). Think of it: How better to arrive at an accurate sense of place than through a Native lens? Medieval cuisine includes foods, eating habits, and cooking methods of various European cultures during the Middle Ages, which lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth century.During this period, diets and cooking changed less than they did in the early modern period that followed, when those changes helped lay the foundations for modern European cuisine. According to genealogist Timothy Lester Jacobs of the Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, “Zachery” Field was engaged as a Northampton and Hatfield resident “in mercantile business, and had a large trade with the Indians.” A pioneer in the true sense of the word, he didn’t live long enough to see Hatfield split off from Hadley and gain township in 1670. Instead, he called it a day. Download the MP3 file He brought the stone to her property from Northfield, carved the panther on its face, and buried it upright on her small, sandy beach. Lattrell remembers thinking, “Huh? Hobomock saw his plan and his whereabouts, and with his great stake jammed the beaver’s head off. Who knows? Let’s take a closer look at the picture Temple and Crafts painted. posted in Columns, Indians, Local history, South Deerfield | I was, however, quite sure she was not originally from New England. Such animals lurk near deep holes and water vortexes.”. In more recent years, Dassatti has tended a long, narrow garden strip maybe 200 yards southeast of the tree. I had no intention of going there when my legs started moving. Despite being left with more questions than answers at this early juncture, I’m making good progress and am confident many more answers will surface before this probe is finished. Reappearing at the mouth of the Deerfield, hugging the East Deerfield shore, after riding the downstream flow – Bingville to the left, East Deerfield right – Peirce looked across and noticed a couple of men standing on the Montague side near where he had put in. Date of visit: July 2016. $('#embed-d13').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d13 .me-err-fallback').html()}); Click for more on Shakespeare's pronunciation. speech, modelled on the rhythms of the Bible). So, there you have it, short and sweet as beaver-tail delicacy, and sorely lacking much important detail – such as the composition of the landform beaver’s body. Something that gave the panther even more context at this site was the fact that it also stood near a documented Connecticut River ford, or footpath crossing, at adjacent Sheldon’s Rocks. Standing along the bank of a small pond that some would call a mudhole this time of year, he used to sit camouflaged with his back against the large tree waiting for ducks to fly in over his decoys within range of his Belgian Browning Auto-5 fowling gun. Bruchac and Brooks have many tendrils reaching into those upper-Champlain Native communities, and thus understand the melting-pot dynamics dating back hundreds of years. Bowhunters are particularly secretive, extremely protective of their favorite tree stands. Members of the Field family were still involved in the fight right up through February 1763, when the long string of French and Indian Wars finally ended with the Treaty of Paris signing. Maybe you’d have some ideas about it. Undoubtedly an outspoken Lincolnian Republican, Field’s tall, mushroom-capped gravestone stands in East Charlemont’s Leavitt Cemetery, situated along the Mohawk Trail on the western skirt of Charlemont Academy. On that Ohio college campus, an anti-war demonstration blew up into chaos when National Guardsmen shot four protestors dead and wounded nine others to set off a contentious national debate. Mead. $('#embed-d11').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d11 .me-err-fallback').html()}); "Dost thou think that because thou art virtuous, there shall Sad but true. Good luck. It’s older than I thought.”. Never too late to share a good story, this one occurred on a hot, humid July morning, before noon. He knew all the stonewalls, property lines, and corners of his land, not to mention the discontinued roads, cellar holes, and stone-clad wells hidden under forest canopy. The ancient, indigenous Great Beaver Tale about the origin of Deerfield’s Pocumtuck Range has changed dramatically since 1890, when East Charlemont antiquarian Phinehas Field’s 105-word, 1871 description was published in Volume 1 of History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (1870-79). Much more. A tavern meal. Fidgety children likely heard the short version of such stories around the spring fires of Peskeompskut (now Turners Falls) fishing camps, or in association with a Green Corn Moon festival. Especially in print. Mounted Archery. The flyover bombing occurred not during the July 7, 1973 Tercentenary, but during the town’s national bicentennial celebration three years later, on the night of July 3, 1976. posted in Columns, Indians, Local history | She was a gracious hostess to me and Thomas during a two-hour, June 12 visit to her home. A medieval tavern with a bar and rentable bedrooms. So, if that’s the prevailing wisdom, then Canterbury consumes the final mile and a half of terraced meadows on both sides of River Road between the East Whately Burial Ground and the Deerfield line. The recreation of a medieval banquet while appeasing modern taste required a lot of recipe research. It just happened. Yes, unlikely, but not impossible. Oh my, how times change. Medieval Fayre 2020: There & Back Again * * * * * * Counting finished! Despite their different appearance – one with legs, the other without – they were the same beast playing the same cosmological role: in perpetual warfare with thunderbirds, lords of the Sky World in the indigenous Eastern Woodlands realm. I had just completed my junior year in high school for Hatfield’s last birthday party, a time when Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” journalism was born. Better educated than Crafts, Temple came to Whately as a Congregational minister, which doesn’t diminish his historical acumen one iota. While hands can heave the pot, Bruchac’s first publication of the Sugarloaf tale was in the essay “Earthshapers and Placemakers: Algonkian Indian Stories and the Landscape,” which appeared in the 2005 compilation Indigenous Archaeologies: Decolonizing Theory and Practice. As trade gr… That is, hunters who had taken bucks weighing a minimum of 200 pounds. Yes, sure, these people often intermarried, congregated, traded, and united as allies in times of conflict. You know, something like “under the old apple tree” or “in the white oaks” or “through the heart and lungs,” or even a simple “no comment.” Instead, I got the polite runaround, and printed it. Second, such carvings are not typically found on standing stones, but rather on river, lake, and bayside ledge. It doesn’t matter. So, why rush it here and now and risk nagging corrections? Bruchac completed her undergraduate BA at Smith College in 1999, before earning her MA (2003) and PhD (2007) at UMass-Amherst. From 1659 to 1670, the infant Hadley was, like Northfield, a town split by the Connecticut River. The tavern pictured here is catering for the wealthy, providing food and drink --a jug of beer or ale, served by a tapster.For the less affluent there were alehouses, where "cakes and ale*" were served.The alehouse became a centre of social interaction as churches* became more puritanical. I studied the series of shots and was intrigued by the carving, which I immediately recognized as the mythical underwater panther – Mishebeshu is one of many spellings – of Native American cosmological lore. It didn’t stop there. I know the hunter had a Polish surname, one beginning with M and ending in ski. In my next column, we’ll take a look at how the Sugarloaf Beaver Myth has evolved since Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks have taken control of it. But, no, they were not one people before Europeans arrived in our valley – though the Sokoki had, by the turn of the 17th century, established their southernmost physical presence in new villages on the northern periphery of Pocumtuck territory. intercourse, as he laments that Claudio's life "may be thus A major problem with all three early historians’ tales is that beavers are herbivores, and thus do not eat meat. Yet he still believed it could be an important discovery dating back to the Colonial Contact Period, maybe even a smidge earlier. . Main Timetable The main timetable is the same for both Saturday and Sunday. Not only did many displaced, homeless Pocumtuck, Nonotuck, Agawam, and Woronoco villagers ultimately wind up living in Western Abenaki villages along the northern shores of Lake Champlain. Medieval Tavern Pictures, Images and Stock Photos. posted in Columns, Genealogy, Local history | Whatever I said drew the kids’ attention. In those local papers he tested out the narrative of what would become his acclaimed History of Deerfield in the years leading up to its 1895 publication. Still, I could find no New England examples of an underwater panther, just serpents. Canterbury came into existence as a place between places in early Hatfield-Deerfield lore, a perilous no-man’s land where only the brave dared linger, even then on high alert. Tavern, an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises. Today, this abrupt, twisted landform we know as Sugarloaf – for millennia a visual reference for travelers and an observation point for residents – continues to challenge storytellers to conform the Beaver Tale to the times. Now I’ve even discovered that another great-grandfather, William Fredrick Bardwell (1806-1885), was a pocketbook manufacturer, according to Whately historian James M. Crafts. Before midnight, he and a friend or two proceeded to toss eight sticks of dynamite out the plane window while flying over Sugarloaf and its northern brother, shaking houses on Mountain Road, Eastern Avenue, and Graves Street, and even breaking a few windows. Algonquian legend credited Hobomock with reducing the giant beaver and squirrel to today’s more-manageable, less dangerous and destructive size. Apparently, roaming cows were a constant concern. The last survivor of four siblings born at the dawning of the 20th century, she came with the purchase of my home after my grandfather’s sudden 1980 death. When they provided successful hunters’ names and town of residence, I could, in the days before cell phones, easily find their home phone numbers in the telephone book – a convenience unknown to modern scribes. charged with "lodging strange men in his bed with him and his posted in Columns, Local history, South Deerfield | So, why, you ask, should we be interested in Phinehas Field? No fear falls to my lot. A short distance upstream from the carving, there is just such a deadly feature. Before we proceed in this sensitive Happy Valley, let me say I could have used either gender to describe this wise old sentry, standing straight as a preacher man in the fertile North Meadows. Sheldon’s model is composed of four segments – a head, shoulders, body and tail, not right no matter how you twist it. The engine struck his buggy and threw Mr. Sanderson several feet to the side of the railbed. A man dressed as a courtier or officer 17-18 age in tavern. See more ideas about Tavern, Medieval, Interior. The first is Whately’s 250th next year, then my hometown of Deerfield’s 350th in 2023. Last time I checked, the Nest was still sturdy and standing amid outcroppings of ledge on the hardwood ridge. (Twelfth Night, Samuel represented the first of many Fields or Field spouses to be either killed or captured by Indians, including many during the famous February 29, 1704 French and Indian sacking of Deerfield. If you can get an accurate town of kill, you’re doing well. The kid wanted to penetrate the patch of prickly canes to pick the ripe interior berries, but was discouraged not only by thorns but also pesky nettles, which in childhood I knew as seven-minute itch. I think his first name was Rich. Close inspection of the stone revealed drill holes indicative of modern quarrying. The Great Swamp is still populated by hemlocks and white oaks, both of which do well in wet habitats and would have been prevalent in colonial times as well. Food. Yet they couldn’t have appeared in a timelier fashion. Where he works to win his name, There is nothing quite like a bright spring morning to stimulate your senses, stir memories. Judd – author of the History of Hadley (1863) and compiler of the 56-volume Judd Manuscripts housed at Northampton’s Forbes Library – never mentions Canterbury, even though it would have been within Hadley’s earliest borders. Click for a “Looks like about 175 years old,” he said. (Shakespeare, parodying Malvolio as a Notice how, unlike Sheldon, Pressey is vague in defining the mountainous beaver carcass – a wise move on his part. $('#embed-d15').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d15 .me-err-fallback').html()}); Mounsieur Mingo Sans taint or stain, No petroglyph expert, it was time to reach out. Tavern Quiz. If not, move on. But again, that’s superfluous information by now, not by any stretch critical after all these years. The trophy buck tipped the scale at a smidge under 240 pounds, with an incredible antler mass and spread. So, it didn’t take long for not only Canterbury but the entire west side of the river to become irrelevant to Judd. The code of Hammurabi included laws regulating beer and beer parlours and it dates back to about 1754 BC, indicating that beer parlours and the commerce of beer were already common at that point.Taverns were also common in the Roman Empire.. I'm currently writing a book that takes place in a medieval society One of the main scenes takes place in a tavern. The ancient, indigenous Great Beaver Tale about the origin of Deerfield’s Pocumtuck Range has changed dramatically since 1890, when East Charlemont antiquarian Phinehas Field’s 105-word, 1871 description was published in Volume 1 of History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (1870-79). Credit Acton kayaker Al Peirce with the interesting May 20 discovery, made while killing time awaiting takeout following his maiden Deerfield River paddle. The earth over the beaver’s head we call Sugarloaf, the body lies just north of it.”. Over time, the kid undoubtedly would have figured out my little lesson on his own. The Seven Stars (vij Sterres) – according to medieval knowledge, the seven stars represented the sun, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Entry is by ticket, which must be purchased in advance via the book button on this page. posted in Columns | Deacon D.W. Childs of Deerfield insured his life a short time since for $1,000.”. That is, there’s now a price attached for access to interactive cybernetworks that annually generates hundreds of millions of dollars. Facts matter. Comments (2). Instead, we must rely on clever and creative storytellers to give us their best recreations, shaping the narrative to fit their own perspectives. I remove them on my side, wearing gloves to uproot them. She was home when I left for a men’s softball game in Buckland, and dead at the hospital before I returned home. We’d start the fall in the October swamps, overgrown fields and orchards, wing-shooting pheasant, grouse, woodcock and an occasional duck behind my black Lab, Sara. All that’s left is a conspicuous skeleton standing as a temporary gravestone. When our rambling conversation turned to the deer I had jumped that day – and many other times over the years – in the field hidden by a tree line forming the northern perimeter of his old pasture, now a hayfield, he warmly smiled. Or foil, recoil or quarrel The lords of cyberspace knew my interests well, pitched me for the umpteenth time and, finally, I accepted to gain quick, temporary access to needed census and vital records. Join Planet Minecraft! They do. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Imagine that! One song is The underwater panther was the lord of the underworld, known to reside in oceans, lakes, whirlpools, deep pools, treacherous rapids and caves. A tavern meal. In a foul mood, this lurking creature was known to emerge from the depths to pull swimmers and boaters to drowning death. In cup, cruse, can or glass: There is no shame or foolishness in feeling such affection for a tree. And spare not, puritanism in Twelfth Night.) My job was to limit distortion by holding the pages flat, the tip of my index finger memorializing my presence in many frames. Who made it? Want family info? I’ve been playing this game since 1989, starting in the weeks after my spinster great-aunt Gladys Sanderson died overnight during the summer of 1989. A proud, dignified Old Deerfield elder, tall and broad, taciturn to a fault, died peacefully with little notice in recent months, ironically during the planting and nesting season of birth and growth. The truth is that the Pocumtuck and Western Abenaki people occupied different territories, practiced somewhat different lifeways based on climate, and spoke barely mutually intelligible dialects of the base Eastern Algonquian language. “Hobmock, a benevolent spirit giant,” was called upon to “relieve the stressed people, and that he did by chasing the troublesome beast “into the immense lake… and flinging great handfuls of dirt and rock” at it. Nonetheless, I met the loin-clothed campers a few times and spoke with them. There is good reason for that resemblance. Well, that all changed quickly with my reaction to Kent State. Fact is surveyors have never defined Canterbury, per se, by metes and bounds. and his cohorts of keeping his mistress awake: "Do you make Though few knew his name, it was Ulmus Americana, more commonly American Elm – a dying breed that once lined our streets and neighborhoods as deciduous shade trees. Nonetheless, not so much as a word about it from Wells and Wells, and also not a word about its pioneer settlers. I’d like to see it.”. I sure do wish Scott was still in the neighborhood. That was no Chestnut Hill buck. As for libraries, well, my favorites were located in Old Deerfield, Springfield, and Northampton, though I did occasional travel to Connecticut and eventually even Boston. It’s about a road near the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont, where his college friend lives. The accent here (as in The debate quickly spilled into my junior English class, where a bespectacled, flat-topped English teacher who had been hired after many years as a Greenfield Recorder reporter assigned an essay expressing our thoughts on whether the soldiers were justified. A beaver profile has but three components: a head, a body, and a flat tail. He was living with her at the time after retiring from the US Marine Corps. His name is Lyndon “Sonny” Scott, a humble Whately dairy farmer and proud descendant of the town’s founding families. To purchase fame, The buggy body was cleared from the running part, and all the wheels, springs and shafts were broken. I place some, answer others. In need of immediate gratification with libraries closed for the pandemic, I finally succumbed to an offer that seems to appear every other day online. In fact, he wore it on his sleeve. A tavern meal. Their publication has much to say about the Denison and Bradstreet Grants and the settlement of the original northeast corner of town without ever once mentioning the name Canterbury. Philip Smith was another Canterbury pioneer. What choice did I have? And the same can be said for anyone familiar with the more twisted shape from the second and third western terraces, the latter known as Hopewell Plain, traversed by Long Plain Road, first known to colonials as the Pocumtuck Path – that is the road from Hatfield to Pocumtuck, later Deerfield. Witness real sword fighting, traditional chamber music, arts, crafts and of course the maze. Then we’d close it out on December hardwood ridges during the shotgun and blackpowder deer seasons. A venerable, solemn Phinehas Field is displayed in the formal, sketched portrait accompanying his online Find A Grave profile. Once I learned to navigating around the program, I was able to glean much new information about South Deerfield ancestors and relatives long ago entered into my Family Tree Maker program. “I don’t like nettles either. Godfrey;s tale relied mostly on the then unpublished manuscript of Baptist missionary Silas Tertius Rand (1810-1889), who lived with and studied the Micmacs for 40 years and whose Legends of the Micmac was posthumously published in 1893. We should be thankful for trees, he was told, and at all times treat them with kindness and respect. So, there you have it. Talk about a needle in a haystack, a random discovery like that, in deep woods no less, should never happen. Something lighthearted. Patrons enjoyed songs It seemed to me that it was for this very special occasion that a well-known South Deerfield character had taken it upon himself to spice up the party a bit. Like they say all the time in Chicopee: You can’t make it up. No Comments. I can’t claim salient memories from Whately’s 1971 Bicentennial Celebration, but I definitely passed through. He was born and bred there, which cannot be said of the Framingham native Temple. Of royal Connecticut Valley cloth, the Fields have since the beginning been scattered up and down the fertile river basin. In fact, not only is it a dangerous whirlpool, it may well be the most dangerous whirlpool in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley. The impetus for what has become my a 30-year genealogical chase was a 19th-century King James Bible stored atop miscellaneous papers in a large, covered Tupperware box. Now, bear with me. Finished hunting the wetlands bordering his meadow across the road, I spotted him in front of his garage and pulled in to chat. Of Eastern Algonquian and Cherokee roots, he’s a proud descendant of Grey Lock, the famous, displaced Woronoco (Westfield) warrior who, during the first third of the 18th century, wreaked havoc on what is now called the Pioneer Valley from his Lake Champlain Abenaki village. Never has the Pocumtuck name for this Great Beaver ever surfaced, so it will be forever unknown. In the process of trying to set up a field trip with Thomas, Peirce and myself at the very least, I fired off a cautionary email to Thomas on the morning of June 7 indicating that I wanted to eliminate one last potential source who could know something about the carving. alehouse became a centre of social interaction as According to indigenous creation lore, many Central Algonquian people were ancient migrants from the Great Salt Water of Dawnland. So, at this point, we’ll just have to live with the mystery at a time when only a few local historians are familiar with the obsolete name that went out of use long ago. Saturday’s was such a walk. I care not: But what did I know? Why? Value. Interesting. It’s appropriate that Native storytellers have revived this ancient earthshaping tale and molded it into a modern narrative that fits contemporary norms. I was on a first-name basis with many station attendants stretching from Worcester to Pittsfield. On some mornings, yes, a phone call is part of my routine. When our paths crossed, we most often chatted out along Whately Road by the old Hillside Dairy and White Birch Campgrounds or along the dirt Glen Road to Conway. and spices; beer was made with the addition of the relatively I vividly recall our last conversation about a year ago near the end of pheasant season. Click for the words of another drinking song. Slices of roasted red and yellow beets, cheese mousse and fresh bread. Something I found most interesting, and prominently noted from my first notes about the Sanderson account book, was the prevalence of barter economy between the merchant and community. The Peirce images in the hands of Gramly, Thomas and myself spurred independent research by all of us, with communication flying back and forth. Sugar Loaf) and the body is the northward range.”. He instead refers to the earliest settlers on both sides of the town line along Sugarloaf’s southern skirt as “Sugarloaf people.” He uses the description to identify residents petitioning for relief from Deerfield church and school taxes because their families attended both across the river in Sunderland. {{filterDisplayName(filter)}} Duration. Tom, made havoc among the fish and when these failed he would come ashore and devour Indians. Occasionally, I’d lower my standards and dip into the 190s when checking-station personnel raved about the animal. All were questions capable of keeping a thinking man awake nights, tossing and turning in possibilities. That’s a no-brainer. I assisted him in photographing the old, handwritten Hatfield town, church, and proprietors’ records dating back to 1660. He and those intimately familiar with the stately tree were perplexed by its sudden death – green leaves one day, then brown, then soon on the ground below, leaving a tall, broad, naked skeleton standing more than 100 feet tall with a 19-foot circumference at the base and at least 10 muscular leaders reaching to the sun.

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