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CNN's Braden Walker, Chris Boyette, Amanda Watts contributed to this report. (CNN) In the 16 days since the government shutdown began and more than 21,000 National Park Service employees were furloughed, seven visitors to national parks have died. Chief Ranger Scott Brown said a 65-year-old man and 60-year-old woman died after falling into … Many of the deaths that do occur happen in a few parks that are particularly precarious. Deaths And Injuries Keeping National Park Rangers Busy By NPT Staff - July 10th, 2019 1:45am A California man drowned last weekend in a Green River raft accident at Dinosaur National Monument/Kurt Repanshek file Drownings, auto accidents, hiking incidents, and search-and-rescue missions. The body of a woman reported missing by her husband in 2014 in Sonoma County was discovered more than two years later in the Point Reyes National Seashore in 2017, for example. Between 2006 and 2016, at least 22 people died in the park’s thermal springs. With improved coverage, cell phones can sometimes be used to report serious and life-threatening incidents. So this one mostly comes down to exercising good common sense. Officials believe that four of the deaths … During the first week of August 2019, Yosemite National Park reported three injuries from falls, including one fatality. Editor's note: This updates with description of bear and rationale for use of a shotgun to put down the bear. Fortunately and incredibly, she escaped without serious injury. This popular scenic road is often ranked as one of the top NPS destinations. But staying safe is more important than an amazing Insta shot; use common sense at all times. Relative to the 25,000-50,000 climber-days that take place at the park each year, this is low. A 45-year-old man died after a suspected fall from the trail in March 2017. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report “Suicides in National Parks 2003-2009,” falls were one of the top two methods for attempted suicides at parks, and the third leading cause of death overall between 2007-2013. A satellite phone may be a consideration if you are concerned about the possibility of trekking miles for help. Bodies discovered on NPS property are sometimes unrelated to park visits. Staying focused and alert to one’s surroundings will lessen the likelihood of making an unwise decision. An attempt to haze a black bear out of the Many Glacier Campground area at Glacier National Park in Montana ended with the bear's death when a rubber bullet intended to send the bear running instead pierced its abdomen, according to park staff. In July 2019, a European hiker in Grand Teton National Park suffered serious injuries after he walked on snow-covered rocks and lost his balance. In some places, the number of incidents is on the rise. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, immediately contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. On June 7, 2016, Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, of Portland, Ore., slipped and tragically fell to his death in a hot spring near Porkchop Geyser. In the NCHS Data Brief No. Don’t venture too far afield of designated hiking trails and viewing areas. Some homicide cases remain unsolved for decades. Two of these individuals disregarded posted signs warning of the danger of stepping off the trail. Outdoor adventures in more remote areas and in water environments are filled with uncertainties. Later that week, a 17-year-old visiting North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park was walking a trail when he was charged by a bison. Operating a boat while intoxicated is not just unwise, but a federal offense that comes with a $1,000 fine. This alone can make a huge difference. In the wilderness, Mother Nature has complete control. When Lee H. Whittelsey examined deaths at the nation’s oldest park in “Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park (2014),” he came to the conclusion that it is “impossible to ‘safety proof’ a national park since stupidity and negligence have been big elements.” Add in people dying while trying to take selfies (yes, this is happening more often), and you can definitely chalk up many fatalities to poor judgment. Still, the National Park Service did note that the investigation into the death of the Yosemite visitor was affected by the shutdown. At Denali National Park in August 2019, hundreds of tourists were stranded when torrential rains resulted in mudslides and damage to the only road that winds through the park. To date, 32 people have jumped off the bridge and died. In 2017, a North Carolina man suffered severe burns after falling into a hot spring. Yellowstone National Park, where burns and thermal injuries from hot springs are the main issue.5. Don’t attempt anything you don’t think you can handle. Since 1979, for example, Yellowstone National Park has hosted over 118 million visits, and according to the National Park Service, “The probability of being killed by a bear in the park (8 incidents) is only slightly higher than the probability of being killed by a falling tree (7 incidents), in an avalanche (6 incidents), or being struck and killed by lightning (5 incidents).”. Still, the number of incidents is far from nothing — throughout the National Park System, six people die each week, amounting to about 312 deaths per year. Here are some general steps park visitors can take to stay safe: Taking a proactive approach prior to arrival, and asking questions from park rangers upon arrival, will counteract the possibility of becoming a National Park statistic. News Release Date: March 17, 2019 Contact: Abby Wines, 760-786-3221. Pack ample food, water and gear in a backpack. Hundreds Have Died In Selfie-Related Deaths Since 2011 NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with ... May 6, 2019 4:49 PM ET. Nature-lovers seek out national parks in large part because of the incredible wildlife they contain. Exercise particular caution during calving seasons. Still, it’s important to know what can and has gone wrong, so you can make your visit to a national park a safe one. The U.S. Constitution mandates that the accused be prosecuted in the state of the crime, but if a fatal crime occurred in this region, a jury couldn’t be produced since no one lives inside this particular section of NPS property. Getting on and off a boat requires balance and concentration. Visitors should pack sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat for sun protection along with extra clothing or a jacket for changing weather conditions. Delicate Arch is among more than 2,000 of the formations found in the park near Moab, Utah. For four days the missing man survived in the backcountry without any supplies. Is it likely that something will happen when visiting a park? They’re there for a reason. Death in Glacier National Park is a well written and respectful account of deaths in the park, with the implicit advice that those incidents have for other visitors. Savannah McTague worked at Xanterra, a … First, at Yellowstone National Park, a group of people stood within less than 10 feet of a bison. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where steep forests and foothills pose falling risks.9. The latest available FBI report from 2017 cited only seven murders and non-negligent manslaughters in U.S. National Parks. "And then he came up behind me and he got his horn — slashed it through my leg,” the teen, who wished to remain anonymous, told Today. More people die in national parks than you may think. Indeed, the very ruggedness that makes nature so appealing also makes it unpredictable and sometimes dangerous; this year alone, there have been multiple reports of people falling to their death, drowning, getting attacked by wildlife and even being crushed by falling rocks. Be careful about traveling alone and when it gets dark, and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Explore national parks with a partner or in a group; be careful about venturing out alone. Even in the summer months, snow and ice can pose dangers during hikes. In June 2006, a six-year-old Utah boy suffered serious burns after he slipped on a wet boardwalk in the Old Faithful area. Towering peaks are frosted with winter snow. Relatively speaking, they’re very rare. After Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was reopened in 2018 following a volcanic eruption, park rangers continued to assess the terrain’s overall safety. Currents and tides can be exceptionally dangerous to inexperienced swimmers. With close to 10,000 hot springs, it is unreasonable to expect guardrails around all the steaming-hot perimeters. In other parks, too, falls are an issue. Yosemite National Park, similar to Rocky, saw 4.3 million visitors in 2017 and had 233 search and rescue operations, according to data from the National Park Service. The extreme heat is expected to continue … Road systems in the older parks were constructed for a different generation of vehicles, so the lanes are considerably narrower than today’s streets. Overall, that's a miniscule fraction of the more than 330 million people who visited the 418 sites in the National Park System in 2017, according to. The next month, an experienced adventurer lost his life while climbing at Denali National Park. ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah — A 19-year-old hiker from Maine fell to her death in Zion National Park on Wednesday. Admission to every national park is free on Saturday A 13-year-old girl died when she fell from the trail in February 2018. Where can't you travel during the shutdown? The NPS takes measures to respond to natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, avalanches and severe storms, and in smaller park settings with limited equipment, NPS efforts are supported by local and state agencies. The importance of wearing life jackets should not be minimized. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are several recorded cases of people going missing at America's parks. Blue Ridge Parkway runs 469 miles from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Cherokee. A hiker plummeted more than 500 feet to her death after slipping off a steep trail at Yosemite National Park, authorities said. Over the course of a single week in late July 2019, two separate wildlife attacks were recorded. Grand Canyon National Park, also the site of many falls.4. But they can also be dangerous. Only a few incidents reach the public eye each year, and the overall fatality rate is miniscule compared to the total number of visitors. Of course, car accidents happen everywhere, but there are some specific risks distinct to parks. Climbing takes considerable experience and skill, especially when scaling challenging peaks. Yosemite National Park also closed a number of campgrounds and facilities within the park because of impacts from human waste and public safety concerns, the National Park Service said. (Not coincidentally, they also happen to be among the most visited.). Michael P. Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers, authors of “Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon,” stated in their book that there have been 126 falls from Grand Canyon’s rims since 1886. This is a book that I would recommend, especially to someone who is planning to visit the crown of the continent. Swimming in a natural environment such as a river, stream, lake or ocean is very different from being in a controlled situation like an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. One incident happened in Big Mead in Nevada and one occurred at Glen Canyon in Arizona. Nearly 85 percent of those who drowned were. Catching murderers is dependent, of course, on evidence and detective work. A Maine teen who worked at Utah’s Zion National Park was found dead at the base of a … Observing a creature you’ve never before seen in the wild can provide an extraordinary visceral thrill. Only use pullouts for parking, and remember that the safest view is from inside the car. If you're going for a swim, heed NPS's advice and designate someone to keep watch. Pfc. By Claire Hansen , Staff Writer Jan. 4, 2019 "A news release wasn't issued because of the shutdown.". Yellowstone National Park’s hot springs are undoubtedly amazing. The NPS is offering a $60,000 reward for information on the case. A 16-year-old boy swimming with two companions in the New River Gorge National River in West Virginia drowned after currents forced him downstream, and a 19-year-old active duty soldier unexpectedly fell into the Rio Grande River while visiting Big Bend National Park in Texas. Since cell phone reception is unreliable it is also recommended to implement an emergency plan and let family members know intended routes before leaving home. Traffic along the Going-to-the-Sun Road was delayed for hours. Records indicate that drowning fatalities can occur at every age, but younger, unaccomplished swimmers with a tendency for poor decision-making are at greatest risk. Interestingly, while no one to date has attempted to test this NPS legal loophole, it is technically possible to get away with murder at Yellowstone’s “Zone of Death,” a 50-square-mile stretch of uninhabited land in the small Idaho part of the park. As recommended by the NPS, keep a distance of at least 75 feet of space between yourself and bison, elk, bighorn sheep and moose. An autopsy report says a New Jersey man died from blunt force trauma, hypothermia or a combination of both while he was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. While the NPS does not offer statistics pinpointing the relationship between fatalities and lifejacket usage, the latest stats from the U.S. Coast Guard show drowning as the cause of death in 76 percent of all 2017 fatalities. Proper shoes will go a long way to preventing falls. Still, there's no evidence that the deaths these past couple of weeks are related to the shutdown. Before heading out to the park, check the weather forecast and the condition of the trail, as well as the degree of difficulty along your intended route. A 42-year-old woman from Texas, who was hiking with her husband and three children, was also struck and killed by a falling tree in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on December 27. National Parks offer trails with varying degrees of difficulty and duration. His body was eventually recovered by park officials. Every year, more than 318 million people visit America’s 419 National Park System sites, including designated National Parks, National Lakeshores, National Monuments, National Historic Sites and National Seashores. With such a wide range of national park sites, it’s not possible to identify any places where you might be subjected to a greater likelihood of violence. Pilot dead after fighter jet crash in Death Valley National Park Naval investigators are looking for clues in a fighter jet crash in California. In all cases, the people lost their footing when climbing on large rocks or boulders. “And then [he] threw me up with his head about six feet into the air." Many advocates, including the sole suicide survivor, feel that higher barriers will deter people from jumping. November 22, 2019 | 3:06pm. For example, at Joshua Tree National Park in California, campgrounds were forced to close January 2 for health and safety concerns as vault toilets reached capacity, the National Park Service said. drowned after currents forced him downstream, disappeared from the Cataloochee Divide Trail, CDC’s 2003-2009 Suicides in National Parks Report, three people have done so already this year. It seems basic, but as the “Driving Safety” page on the NPS site emphasizes, always pay attention, even and especially when there are cool things to look at. Some boating and rafting trips also include time on land, especially when people are getting in and out of a boat and walking along rocky or slippery shorelines. In 2010, a man went out for a solo hike at Joshua Tree National Park in California and was never seen or heard from again. Even though the 2018 statistics have yet to be released, Kupper shared the locations for the seven incidents that happened in 2017: Two occurred in California at Point Reyes and at Joshua Tree. Drowning has become one of the leading causes of unintentional visitor deaths at U.S. National Parks. In June, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area joined the effort. Between 2004 and 2014, approximately 93 percent of people who went missing were located within 24 hours, as compared to the less than 3 percent who were never found. A woman died in Death Valley National Park this week as temperatures soared to nearly 120 degrees. According to NPS, crashes are most common during the daytime in summer months, when parks welcome the most visitors. Even though the area has been searched numerous times, the authorities have no viable leads. Yosemite National Park, where falling is the most common cause of injury and death.3. Her body was recovered Christmas morning around 10 a.m., and the initial investigation indicates she died of an accidental fall. Yosemite Death Goes Unreported Due to Shutdown Rangers reached the man within an hour, but he died from injuries sustained in a fall. Parts of the road were closed for an extended period of time and the Alaska Railroad temporarily stopped its service as well. The search efforts included canine units, helicopters, drones and 180 people from 30 agencies. ... A tourist on Tuesday fell to her death in Grand Canyon National Park, becoming the second person this year to do so, authorities said. A 9-year-old girl became the victim of poor judgment when the irritated bison launched her into the air. The  oldest cold case mentioned on the Investigative Services NPS site describes the disappearance of Dennis Lloyd Martin during a Father’s Day vacation at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1969. Golden Gate National Recreation Area, home to beaches where many have drowned.6. And why should they? Hikers walk beside the Delicate Arch at sunset in the Arches National Park on April 21, 2018. The boy fell into hot water that had erupted f… And to an extent, you'd be right. The National Park Service, which usually employs 24,681 people, furloughed all but 3,298 of them when the shutdown began on December 22. Yet, each extreme has a striking contrast. He was rescued by searchers when he responded to their calls. and dissolved after trying to go for a soak. At this point, you may be thinking that accidents mostly happen because of human folly. Martin, a 6-year-old boy, was playing with other children within close proximity to adult family members near the Appalachian Trail when he mysteriously disappeared. Approximately 40 percent of the climbing accidents at Yosemite have been caused by mistakes made with climbing gear. In the spring of 2019, an Israeli teen hiking Yosemite's Mist Trail got caught up in the moment when he asked hiking companions to take a photo while performing a dangerous feat that he underestimated. In his opening, Plaut said Hagan, Cadotte and a third man were drinking at the Trailhead Saloon in East Glacier Park on June 11, 2019. In June 2019 in Yosemite, for example, a California teacher who often went rock-climbing died during a rappelling accident. Murders and non-negligent manslaughters are often times random acts of violence. To this day, the NPS and the FBI maintain open files for this unsolved case. Be careful about alcohol consumption while operating any sort of water vessel. A California passenger fell into the river, became unresponsive while being rescued and succumbed to his injuries. Two people were transported by ambulance and a third was airlifted by ALERT helicopter. Especially if you do travel alone, let people know where you’re going and which part of the park you’ll be exploring. National Park Service says it will use visitor fees to keep parks running through shutdown, Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown. Built during the Depression, it is a starting point for hikers seeking trails, scenic overlooks, streams and waterfalls. Fortunately, when people go missing in national parks, they’re generally found. In July 2019, to take a recent example, a New Jersey man suffering from dementia disappeared from the Cataloochee Divide Trail at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The National Park System comprises 419 areas, 61 of which are designated national parks. The National Park Service has said that about 12 people die each year at the Grand Canyon and that two to three deaths per year occurred after a … Driving under the influence was the cause of a fatal boating accident at Lake Powell, part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, in June 2019. For one thing, wildlife can prance onto the roadways without any warning, especially at dawn and dusk. Mamady Kaba (Fort Bliss Public Affairs Office). But parks are also, in some ways, inherently unsafe, and not all injuries and deaths are the result of bad decision-making. "We aren't releasing more detail because the incident remains under investigation, which is taking longer than usual because of the shutdown," Munoz said. Faster moving animals such as bears and wolves require at least 300 feet. Other times, hazardous conditions play a role. More recently, in 2016, a man fell into a boiling hot spring and dissolved after trying to go for a soak. And, yes, this even holds true for accomplished swimmers. Enlarge Image. Despite this, visitors should realize that their overall welfare is dependent on being aware of their surroundings, using common sense and following the park’s safety tips. Some parks have limited water supplies, so it may be necessary to pick up water before entering the park. He and his sister illegally left the boardwalk and walked more than 200 yards in the Norris Geyser Basin when the accident happened. The park … He hasn't been found despite the efforts of online groups working doggedly to crack the case. Climbing accidents are relatively rare — at Yosemite, for instance, there are about 100 climbing-related accidents annually and an average of 51 deaths. Don’t attempt anything you’re not prepared for. The list of missing persons also includes a park ranger named Paul Braxton Fugate. Exact numbers are hard to come by, but there are at least 60 unresolved missing-person cases in the National Park System. Together, they cover more than 85 … Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the busiest national park in the country with 11.4 million visitors, was the site of another unusual accident in June 2019 when a tree struck a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Little River Road during a storm.

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