netapp to isilon migration

Once we are done with all the pre-works, we will start the migration steps. {associated_msg 0} {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type See The Solution. connection} {associated_msg 0} {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type In all honesty, never been down that road with Isilon to NetApp...but I am sure we should. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 11} {msg ACL_START is '512692480'} {associated_msg 0} 2. Reason why i can't directly transfer the data from netapp to isilon is because the WAN link connection between netapp and isilon is extremely slow. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 13} {msg DUMP: 708016 KB} {associated_msg 0} 11:47:28 2015.} purchased several ONTAP 9 nodes in two clusters about a year ago to replace several older devices (Windows, Solaris, Isilon and a couple of others). customer is having netapp C-MOde and is planning to migrate to Isilon. Filer1:/vol/source_vol /ifs/migration -sa root:xxxxxx –full, LogMessage {type {associated_msg 0} But being top vendor in storage industry I really feel that NetApp should have an inbuilt tool to migrate data from third party array.  isi_vol_copy : , e.g. NetApp XCP is a free to use software and license is free. I also suspect that you need to setup the ndmp daemon authentcation on the FAS correctly. Don't have an answer for you I'm afraid. I need to execute a netapp to isilon migration using a synology device DS1815+ . {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type Solved! Hi Rahul, This to me is authentication issues between the accounts used for the isilon and filer. options ndmp also run ndmpd status to see what is going on. The dated Isilon is currently connected to a variety of equally dated network switches. I am migrating some data from netapp filer to isilon using isi_vol_copy but while establishing ndmp connection i get this error. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 7} {msg DUMP: mapping (Pass II)[directories]} {associated_msg NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 1} {msg DUMP: creating Make sure that the NetApp storage system is configured to transfer data through NDMP v4. built-in NDMP NetApp to Isilon utility called isi_vol_copy. 0} {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type If a migration from Centera to a filesystem like Isilon is planned, the CA must be replaced by a pathname or URL so that an application could access previous data as if it has written it always into a filesystem. AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire Discussions, AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire Articles and Resources, FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions, Data Infrastructure Management Software Discussions, FAS and Data ONTAP Articles and Resources, Data Infrastructure Management Software Articles and Resources, Data Backup and Recovery Articles and Resources, E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins, E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins Discussions, E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins Articles and Resources, Network Storage Protocols Articles and Resources, Active IQ Digital Advisor and AutoSupport, Active IQ and AutoSupport Articles and Resources, Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions, NetApp Learning Services Articles and Resources. 0 Likes 1 REPLY 1. {associated_msg 0} {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type he is enquiring if there is any alternate Storage replication based tool to do this. Using the NetApp technology, we’re getting out of the whole paradigm of saying Azure, Google Cloud Platform or AWS. Same here. Re: Need to migrate NFS share from Isilon to NetApp tahmad ‎2020-04-07 12:30 AM. 10 minutes, 9 seconds. These may need to be local accounts on both devices and see if that works. Procedure. originally thought it was about 800 million files to migrate If you plan to migrate data from a NetApp storage system to an EMC Isilon cluster, you must prepare the NetApp storage system before you begin migrating data. Security restrictions prevent the source device and the EMC Isilon cluster from communicating. Highlighted. a. These may need to be local accounts on both devices and see if that works. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 10} {msg DUMP: dumping (Pass IV) [regular files]} The dated Isilon is currently connected to a variety of equally dated network switches. I have executed few direct migration from netapp to isilon using ISI_VOL_COPY and rsync and well aware of the process. #Migrating CIFS shares with #Robocopy to #Isilon Robocopy is a command line tool, built intoWindows operating system. if you are using AD then ensure that the necessary RBAC polices are in place. I was using host based tools such robocopy any rsync. {associated_msg 0} {associated_msg_seq 0}, LogMessage {type We hear this often from EMC VNX and Isilon customers, and increasingly from NetApp … Isi_volcopy is not supported for C-Mode. In the coming months, the plan is to complete the migration on to the NetApp and decommission the Isilon. admins to directly migrate a NetApp volume/qtree to an Isilon Folder. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 9} {msg DUMP: dumping (Pass III) [directories]} In the coming months, the plan is to complete the migration onto the NetApp, and decommission the Isilon. NDMP_LOG_NORMAL} {msg_id 14} {msg DUMP: DUMP IS DONE} {associated_msg 0}

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